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I'm really hoping for a natural birth for our first child in March.  We live in a rural area and have limited resources to specialized childbirth technique classes (Lamaze, Bradley, etc.)  It looks like hypnobirthing might be a good option as I have used meditation many times in the past.  Anybody have personal experience or recommendations?  Seems like for $13 on Amazon it would have to be worth a shot.

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  • Just lurking here, but I used hypnobirthing for the birth of my second DD, and it worked wonderfully for me. When I was pregnant, people kept saying that practice was the key to a successful hypnobirth, so I read the birth affirmations everyday, listened to the rainbow relaxation session each night, and usually read other parts of the book as well. (The rainbow relaxation track was the main track I used, which doesn't come with the book - I got it through my midwife.) I basically brainwashed myself with everything in the book haha, I think I read the book seven times! It was worth it, because I didn't even feel uncomfortable at all until my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. It was so different from my first labour experience which was 38 hours long and very painful. This one was not much pain, felt so much more manageable, and I had a 2 and a half hour labour. Of course, I don't know if hypnobirthing had anything to do with that, but it might have! :) I've read that when the woman is calm and without fear during labour, things usually move along quicker. 
  • I LOVE hypnobirthing. I prepared for a natural birth but due to pre e I had to be induced at 37wks. Because I had to be on pitocin, mag and some other things I chose to go ahead and get an epidural since I couldnt get out of bed and needed to sleep. The epidural failed and the only thing that kept me going through transition was the hypno breathing. It was the BEST. I am really hoping the second time around I can go natural and rely only on the hypno techniques. 
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  • I just ordered this book off Amazon last week. I'm thinking of reading through the book first, and then going to the classes later in the pregnancy. 


  • I'm taking the class now and have read the book.  I really love it.  I can't give you any feedback on how it works in labor as I'm a FTM due in February, but so far, I'm confident it's a good fit for us.  If you've successfully used meditation in the past and can resolve any fears/preconceived notions, than I think it's a good option for you. 

    I listen to the affirmations daily and practice the Rainbow Relaxation once or twice a day.  Our teacher also gave us other scripts to use, which my husband is going to record for me since he'll be my birthing partner.  It's all about practice and really believing in the method, or at least that's what I've gathered thus far.

    Good luck!

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    I just ordered this book off Amazon last week. I'm thinking of reading through the book first, and then going to the classes later in the pregnancy. 

    definitely take the class, too! the book is only about 30% of the program. the founder intentionally doesn't provide everything in the book because she wants women to benefit from the personal guidance you receive in a class.

    i have been teaching HypnoBirthing for several years now and i love the method. I had my second child with HB (first was a bradley labor, c/s birth) and the techniques really do work. in my practice as a hypnotherapist, i also use the techniques with my clients! 

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