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We just found out we are expecting our third baby in July.  We had planned on a third, but not so soon, nonetheless, we are thrilled!

Our oldest will be 3 in June and middle one will be 2 in September.  My question is, how much did the dynamic change going from 2 to 3?  Any new challenges I should be prepared for?

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  • Congrats!  Not much of a change for us, since the "2 under 2" scene was not BTDT it was a pretty easy transition.  We have in home care though, so adding another LO to get ready in the morning and head out the door might be challenging.  Your three year old will be more independent at that time.  I was able to leave clothes out on top of the dresser and DS1 would take off his PJ's and dress himself with little to no help.

    I know some people say you have to move to a "zone defense" instead of a "man ot man" but DH and I were alone with the kids a lot when we had 2, so I guess that wasn't much of a change for us either.

    I always say, once you've learned to multitask adding one more isn't a big deal.

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  • New car, new dining room table (ours only sat 4), more laundry :)

    I also have someone come into the home to take care of the kids.  I wouldn't want to get them all up and out every morning.  I am sure you could get the hang of it, but my kids can get their shoes and coats off and back to playing in the time it takes to get coats and shoes on the other two.  It can get to be kind of a viscous cycle :)

    I have noticed that I do more of a "zone."  I don't really spend as much time as my kids playmate as I used to.  They spend more time playing with each other.  For that reason, it has been easier for me to take care of friends kids in addition to my own. 

    Also, there is just less free time.  Even with two, there were still times that one would be sleeping, and the other would be occupied, or they would both be sleeping.  For the first 6+ months, I had at least one child awake (and usually at least two awake) all of the time from about 5am-11pm with 1-2 night wakings in that 6 hour "off" interval.  I found it really difficult to stay on top of everything and still feel like I was enjoying my life and my kids childhood.  I ended up hiring a housekeeper.  





  • I am lucky to have in home care, I think packing three kids up and getting out the door each morning would pose the biggest problem.

    I have a mid-sized SUV with a third row and my husband has a four-door truck that should be able to fit three across the backseat.

    I feel like we should be good, but keep thinking I am forgetting something Big Smile

  • I just had my 3rd Oct.24th. I noticed a DRASTIC change, but I also do not have in home care.Mine range from almost 8, almost 2 and 4wks all girls.

    Getting the kids dressed and out the door is a hassle, we do not have a washer and dryer in our house so I have to make a trip to my moms to do a whole days worth of laundry. Theres pretty much no more let my quickly run by the store for this or that, I usually choose a day that multiple things are going on and try to get everything that needs to be done , DONE in that particuler day. I am still nursing my almost 2y.o and thats a whole other can of worms. My oldest isnt too bad the only time she stresses me out is when and how easily she seems to get bored. My 2y.o drains all of my energy all the time she is very demanding and loud and just non stop and we also co-cleep right now so it me OH, DD AND baby in bed at night. So a comforteable nights sleep isnt happening for me right now. I am in the process however to get my 2y.o into her own bed and weaned. I think that alone will relieve alot of the havoc in my life lol :)

    geez my life seems hectic. I personally thought 2 kids were easy and going from 1 to 2 kids wasnt hard for me. BUT going into the 3 has definately proven to be something I wasnt repared for, but I am trying to adapt and have a better schedule of things.

  • Congrats! My oldest turned 3 a week before ds3 came and ds2 just turned two in October. Very close to what you will have. I will say having ds3 has been a heck of a lot easier then when I had ds2. Ds3 has just fallen into place. I think it helps that ds1 and ds2 can play together and not need me as much. It's crazy in our house but so much fun. 
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