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Looking for info on hospitals

We just moved to Southeast Nebraska this summer and a few hours ago found out we are expecting again.  The local hospital doesn't provide maternity services, but I would much rather go to Omaha or Lincoln anyway.  Our first son was born by scheduled c-section since he was a large baby (10 lbs 14 oz) so I know that I will be having a c-section this time.  My struggle is that I want to find a hospital that has a similar "procedure" as what I had in Lee's Summit in terms of what they do with a planned c-section.  When I went in for my c-section, I "checked in" to the room that we would be in for our entire stay, went to the OR, and then was taken back to the same room I was in earlier (i.e. I want to avoid a "typical" surgical pre-op and post-op rooms).  I would love it if any mom's had suggestions or experiences like this. 

I'm also looking for suggestions for an OB so that I can get our first appointment scheduled with a practice.

Re: Looking for info on hospitals

  • Hello!  I am seeing a Doctor at Methodist's Women Hospital in Omaha and I have had a good experience so far.  The hospital was recently built so the rooms look similar to hotel rooms. I see Dr. Somer-Sheily and I like her... I have heard good things about all the Doctors at the Women's Hospital so I would encourage you to check out their reviews online and see what you think.

     If you're interested, here is a link to do a virtual tour


  • Hi there,

    I have been extremely happy with Methodist Women's Hospital. I have had some complications in my pregnancy and know I am in the right place for the best care.  I am completely confident in the hospital and all their OB doctors.  

  • I gave birth at the new Bellevue Medical Center just south of Omaha.  It's really nice.  You are in the same room for your entire stay unless you go in for a regular delivery and then wind up having an emergency c-section.  Then you get switched to post-cesarean friendly room after you return from the OR.  Otherwise, if you go in for a scheduled c-section they will assign you to one of those rooms right away and you return to that same room after leaving the OR.  Really the only difference in the rooms is a shower instead of a hot tub/shower combo to make it easier for you post delivery.  They also have a private viewing room with comfy sofas and large screen TV that is hooked-up to a monitor on the weight and measurement cart in the OR that they will place the baby on after you have your time with him/her.  That way any family and friends who aren't in the OR with you can see the baby after it's born without having to wait the extended period of time that usually follows a c-section.  

    I don't have any personal experience with Methodist Women's Hospital, but both Bellevue and Methodist Women's were built around the same time and both with a large emphasis on their maternity departments and family based maternity care.  From what I've heard from friends that have delivered at Methodist Women's, their experiences there were really similar to mine at Bellevue Medical.   

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  • Dr. Somer-Shely at Methodist delivered my first and will be delivering my second. She's awesome and doesn't make you feel rushed during appointments at all. She really listens to your concerns and takes them into account when making decisions.
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