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I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  I will try and post again on Friday since I won't be BF shopping.  If you have a list post it!

Try to get some more sleep Wink (darn dog woke me up again)

Tidy up the house

Return a sweater I bought for DS

Browse the mall since I will be there

Hobby Lobby

Grocery store for a few necessities to make it through the weekend

Bake muffins (breakfast for in the morning) and holiday cookies

Straighten up the kitchen so it is ready for tomorrow morning

Tot school - Thanksgiving

Walk the dog

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Re: To-do's:

  • Well since it is 3am and i have yet to fall asleep and DS will probably be up in 2-3 hours I don't expect to get much of my to-do's done.  Here's my list anyway:

    Clean up the dining room

    Target for printer ink

    Start my Christmas cards

    Go buy beer - need it for a recipe for Thursday


    Wash crock pot

    Take trash/recycle out

    But with no sleep, the most important thing now is to nap!  And then go get beer and wash crock pot since I need those for Thursday.

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  • Too many!

    DD#1 to preschool DONE

    stop at food store for a couple items DONE

    My laundry and DD#2's laundry DONE

    wrap Christmas presents (traveling to my brother's for TDay and are doing Christmas with them) DONE

    Tidy the house MEH - good enough

    Clean the bathroom

    pack (this is the big one cause I need to pack for myself and the girls as well as most of the stuff that we need for them outside of clothes (pack n play, stroller, etc., car distractions - books, games, etc.)

    The really tough one, pack a box of pictures and my father's ashes (my dad passed away three months ago and my step-mother sent me ashes, my brother and I are planning on taking his boat out and spreading them in the Chesapeake - looking forward to the holiday, but its going to be an emotional one) DONE


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  • Pack car for road trip

    hang garland and wreathes out front DONE

    put out garbage DONE

    wipe down laundry room from construction dust DONE

    wash diapers DONE

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