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 While breastfeeding for 12 months, we had our struggles (latch, thrush, letdown issues, supply issues, baby with reflux, etc).  But, now that my lo has self-weaned just after 1 year of age, I miss it!  Nursing was so relaxing and I loved it so much!  I put our nursing pillow "officially" away (in the closet) yesterday and I cried while doing this!!!  Enjoy this time with your lo's!  It goes by super fast!!!  Weaning has been an emotional journey for me!  My best fo you all.  So, so proud of you for nursing your lo's!!!!

Re: Enjoy goes by fast!!!

  • Congrats on the year it does fly!
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  • Congratulations on your one year mark! It is hard at times, but I love each and every minute of nursing LO and I know I'm going to miss it.
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  • Wow...congrats on 1 year. I already feel like its flying by...In just a week I will hit the half way mark, 6 months of EBF....I am already feeling sad that it will end. :(
  • I can attest to this to!  DD self-weaned at 14.5 months.  We are done having children so she is the last.  I'm so sad that bond is gone.  The whole time she was weaning I kept saying "I'll never nurse another baby" and the tears would come.  She was a difficult girl, reflux and colic, and I'm happy to have that independance from her, but I miss those moments before bed and when it was just her and I!  Keep going ladies who are struggling, and give yourselves a pat on the back for trying and making it this far!
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  • Oh, I know! I can't believe 10 months has already gone by. My little baby is looking more and more like a little boy every day. He used to nurse for 45 minutes, now it's more like 15. It's so fun to watch him grow and learn but I want to hold on to that little baby forever! Sigh.

  • Ladies, your replies are so touching!!  Touched my heart!  Even a little teary just reading them!  Before having my lo, I was rather indifferent about nursing.  I thought I would try it.  But after nursing him for a year, it turned into the most fulfilling thing ever.  If you would have told me before having my lo that I would be crying when breastfeeding ended, I would have said you were crazy!  I never realized it would be such an amazing, bonding, and wonderful experience!  I would have loved to have nursed for even longer if he would have kept going! :)  Being a mom is such an emotional journey.
  • ::sniffle:: The time just goes by so fast--the past 6 months have flown by and I know I will be so sad when our nursing days are over.

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  • It does fly by!  DD is sick and nursing at night again now, and as annoying as it is, a little part of me loves the extra nursing time with her.  (This feeling will end in the next day or two when I long for the temporary night weaning we had going on!)
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