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This may have been asked but I'm working with one hand right now!!

Can anyone recommend an iPhone app?? I tried the free ones and they aren't very user friendly...
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JHB 1/19/09
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Re: iPhone app

  • I use nursing log ($1.99), it records the breast & time. It's nice to see how much time is spent nursing everyday.
  • We are baby connect addicts at our house, I have it on my phone and our iPad and also my mom has it on her phone and uses it durning the day when she watches LO. Had to pad for 3 times but we love it that much. 6 months later I am still using it. I live the timers for sleep and nursing.
  • I second the Similac journal app! It's free and super easy to use.
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  • I use Total Baby and I love it. You can track anything you can think of with this app. I have a separate tab for each of my LO's. I don't track much with DD1 anymore, but I do use it to track if I have to give her any meds when she's sick. I still time DD2's feedings and I enter her height and weight from her appts. It even shows her growth chart [WHO and CDC].

    You can track pumping, nursing, solids, milestones, diapers, sleep, etc, etc. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • I used Baby Connect and LOVED it.  I loved that DH and I could both enter data into our phones and the other could see it.  We tracked feeding, sleep, and diapers for over 6 months.  I also still use it (DS is  almost11 months) to track weight/height and vaccinations.
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  • I have a Droid but have been using ibaby.  It has been helpful!
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  • Total Baby

    Totally worth the money!!!!

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  • Thanks ladies!!! I just got total baby Nd it's soooo helpful!

    Of course now she's cluster feeding so its stop and go constantly :
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    JHB 1/19/09
    Baby girl due 11/22/12!
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