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Resting on your back

Ok, I've heard so many times, "don't sleep on your back!" And as far as I'm conscious of my sleeping position, I don't. But, I was wondering is it ok to rest on my back? Sometimes my back just needs it so much! I pay attention to how I'm feeling and breathing and I usually feel just fine, but turn only side because I start feeling guilty. There are definite positions that I just can't breath in, but on my back is not one of them. I'm just so tired of the discomfort, would it hurt my little man if I just took a few minutes and stared at the ceiling?
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Re: Resting on your back

  • I end up on my back all the time and baby is alive and kicking.
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  • Resting on your back is fine.  The issue comes with long periods 6+ hours on your back and the weight of your uterus hurting blood supply to your lower body and affecting your breathing.  As my doctor says, trust your body and know that once you can't do something comfortably (laying wise) then you probably shouldn't.

    I get too winded when on my back so that tells me to stop doing it.  On the couch though I can recline backwards and be fine.  I often cat nap like this. 

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  • I still sleep on my back a lot of the time. As long as you're not short of breath, dizzy, or losing feeling to limbs, you're good.


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  • I still sleep on my back - it's the only way I am comfortable a lot of the time.  My MW said it is totally fine and that my body would wake me up/let me know if there were any problems.


  • I am a tummy sleeper, so I have never really slept on my back.  But I have become increasingly uncomfortable and resting on the sofa with some pillows propping my head up a little, while I lay on my back is the most comfortable way for me to relax right now.  Its especially helpful when I also prop my feet up, it seems to take all the pressure off my back and hips.  Since its the only way I can relax, thats what I'm doing.  My doc said if its a position I shouldn't be in, my body will let me know.




  • Your body will tell when when to move.  if you want to lay on your back for a little bit than fine.  its alll natural to want to lay in what feels comfortable for you.
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  • I go on my back once in a while but it's one position i don't like but my little girl is still kicking. She even kicks more when i am on my back


  • I wake up almost every night on my back at somepoint.  Can't help it.  It just happens.

    I cheat the "no back rule" by tucking a pillow behind me and laying on it so I'm at an angle, and not flat on my back.   It helps a lot.

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  • I rest on my back and sleep on my back. No problems with DS or with this one. I figure my body will tell me if it's something that's not good, and my doctor isn't concerned.
  • I often lay on my back, though, with this pregnancy, I can't do it for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable or out of breath.  With my first two pregnancies, laying on my back never bothered me at all.  I'm carrying this baby a lot lower than my other two, so it may have to do with the position of the baby.
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  • I spoke to my OB about this too. He said if I am still comfortable to sleep on back, I should sleep any way I can right now. Because in the future I won't be able to. I have asked him a few times just to make sure. He keeps telling me it is OK.
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  • Not a doctor, but I say, "Do it." :)
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