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So frustrated... looking for support :(

I am 41 weeks today, and finally today I started feeling cramps & tightness in my back. I went to the doctor for my 41 week appointment, and I am about 80% effaced and 3cm dialated. Soon after the exam, my doctor (who is a GREAT doctor, that I very much admire) says "Well, we will get you scheduled for an induction - which will happen either tomorrow or Wed."

I asked her if we could do a NST first to determine if the baby is doing ok, and if we could schedule the induction for closer to 42 weeks - so maybe Saturday or Sunday. Her response was no, and that she didn't want to push too close to 42 weeks.

She mentioned that as you get closer to 42 weeks the chance of complications rises. I know that is true, and she said they would try to induce by breaking my water versus using pitocin or other drugs. I am just concerned that I'm about to walk into a situation of a very long and tough labor - versus trusting my body to know when it's time to 'go'. But then I worry that I'm being stubborn and that I need to think first about having a healthy baby.

I feel a bit like a failure - like my body isn't doing what it should be that strange? I am SO excited to meet our daughter, but was definitely caught off guard today with an induction being scheduled so quickly. I'm looking for a bit of support or words of wisdom from those that aren't as emotional as I am right now. Thanks for listening :).

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Re: So frustrated... looking for support :(

  • I'm so sorry to hear that your are going though this. I can't be much help cause i'm in in your shoes but if I were you I'd be asking for a second opinion. Dr's should be listening to you and your instincts, but at the same time it's hard for you to put your foot down without their education and information. Perhaps having a second opinion will give you the confidence to do whats right for you and baby. 


    Good luck! Also thanks for posting. I'll stop sulking about being one day over due. 

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  • I know this might not sound very helpful but my OB already told me we will discuss induction at my 40 week appt next Monday because her practice does not let anyone go over 41 weeks, hopefully your body can be ready before its time to induce or at least help the process! Hang in there and good luck on a healthy baby girl!
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  • Even though you're emotional right now, trust your instincts...and your doctor. But just because your doctor wants one thing, that doesn't mean you can't request and insist on something else. Your doctor is working for you, not the other way around. I ended up choosing to be induced pretty much just for the fact that I was done being pregnant. Like you I was a little concerned that my body had forgotten what to do (since it had done it wonderfully...and early...with my DD) and I didn't want to wait any longer to find out what would happen. I posted my birth story if you'd like to read about a long, hard, induced labor ( but there are also many, many, many positive induction stories out there. And even after my difficult labor, I'm glad that's the route I chose. Life is MUCH better now with an outside baby. Smile Whatever you choose though, know that your body is not broken and you'll soon be holding your little girl and that will make it all worth it.
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  • I dealt with a similar situation. I was told I would have to be induced at 41 weeks and 2 days. I voiced my trepidation about being induced without an NST, AFI, or BPP first and that she never even suggested these or stripping my membranes, but she basically brushed me off. So I called a few days later and asked to be seen whenever possible by a different provider. They got me in and I explained my concerns, and allowed my membranes to be stripped. That provider agreed to push my induction date back and two hours before I was supposed to call L&D to check in, my son was born.

    I felt hopeless about it beforehand and resigned myself to being convinced that I would be induced. I was so bummed! But I voiced my gut feelings and I kept walking everyday , did two NSTs, had my membranes stripped, spent hours on my yoga ball, did Evening Primrose Oil and it worked out. If it hadn't, I knew I had at least done everything in my power. Follow your instincts.

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