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Bumping my bump...

Every time I bump my belly on the corner or edge of a counter it hurts really bad for a few minutes then goes away. Anyone know what this could mean?

Re: Bumping my bump...

  • Im not a doctor, so I dont know..  but I think our bellies are just a little more sensitive..  I bump my belly all the time.
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  • Yeah I'm thinking that's what it is since it goes away! I just really need to stop bumping it I guess.
  • I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you walk into a wall or fall down, I don't think a little bump will do any damage.  But if you're really worried you could always call you're docs office.

    I'm consistently bumping my bump into the kitchen chairs.  Over the weekend, I bumped into a chair and when maneuvered myself again, I knocked somethings off this cart thingy we have w/my ass.  LOL!!

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  • I keep doing the same thing.  Like a PP said, I keep bumping mine into our kitchen chairs.  It really hurts!!!  Plus whenever my two year old runs up to give me a hug he bashes his head off my belly :-p  It does seem to be super sensitive.

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  • Lol! I hear you. I feel like a giant walking hazard. We should start wearing shirts with orange cones on them..
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  • It could be just how tight your skin is or how much LO is pressing outward.  I notice days when baby pushes more to the front of my stomach, that bumping/leaning on it hurts more.
  • In my nonexpert opinion, it is your bump telling you to stop bumping into things.
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