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Looking for some input from my STMs out there :)

I was looking for some input.  I was set on a medela pump in style advanced but when I went to BRU to purchase the sales person started telling me about how wonderful the Avent was.  Now I know BRU isnt known for their sales people and knowledge and specialty area with babies and kids so I`m not sure if it was part of a sales gimic they had going on.  I have been researching both and see there are, of course, mixed reviews on both but more overall positive reviews on the medela.  I will be pumping frequently and returning to work as well.  I am looking for input on these 2.  Let me know! Thanks! : )



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  • I have the Avent Isis IQ Duo and loved it.  I worked after my first and pumped with no issues.  I loved the closed system and the ease of use.  It held up through a second kid, but i was not working then.  I used the bottles for both kids too so that made it a bit better. 

    That said my current insurance covers the medela so you may want to check on that.

  • I have a Medela PIS and I loved it! I used it for 13 months and never had a complaint. I know my doctor and hospital backed Medela as well.
  • I don't know about Avent - I've never used that brand.

     Medela is known for its quality, but is quite expense.  I have an Ameda Purely Yours (which was developed by a man who was part of the Medela family) and I love it.  And Ameda seems better priced than Medela.

     However, between the two brands you mentioned - I'd probably go Medela just from reputation.

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  • I have a Medela Swing and absolutely adore it.  Now that we're down in New Zealand, I've ordered a different voltage adapter for it because I can't bear to part with it for #2.
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  • Between those two, I'd pick Medela.

    However, I would go with an Ameda Purely Yours. Closed-system, highly rated, and less expensive.

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  • This. Closed system means the tubing etc stays cleaner. It grosses me out to think of milk getting into the motor and being there for months.
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  • lol I am glad someone let me know what a closed system was,..I was sitting here scratching my head ha ha



  • image BLuvsE:
    Closed system means the tubing etc stays cleaner. It grosses me out to think of milk getting into the motor and being there for months.

    I have a Medela PISA and pumped 2-3x a day during the week for 13 months (worked full-time) and only ever had milk back up into the tubing on one side the FIRST time I pumped. I realized it right away - honestly it would be impossible not to notice it, and the milk only backed up about half an inch into the tubing. Not even close to the motor. (Becuase of the way the pump works, it would have taken a long time to back up all the way through the tubing into the motor.) I called medela's customer service, frustrated and they seemed extremely suprised it had happened at all and overnighted me new tubing and membranes for the trouble. They also told me just to boil/sterilize the tubing. Yes, the commericially available, non-hospital grade Medela pumps are open systems. Non-hospital grade pumps are generally not designed to be used by more than one person though, so the open system really doesn't matter. I will be using my PISA pump again for this baby and am not concerned about the cleanliness of the motor. I would not purchase a used pump, though, becuase you never know the history of the person who owned it, or how well the motor is functioning. GL!

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  • If I had it to do over again I would get an Ameda Purely Yours or a Hygeia pump.  I didn't know about closed or open systems when I bought my pump.
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