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Membrane sweep?

I've read a couple L&D stories where the midwife did a membrane sweep. I'm a FTM and was wondering what this is and if this is something a Dr. would do or just midwifes? Thanks!
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Re: Membrane sweep?

  • My DR did it when I was like...38 weeks along. She went it with her finger and just kinda took some of the membrane out. She explained it to me as being like a barrier that when taken away could help things move along alittle faster. Some people I know of said it felt uncomfortable when they had it done but I didn't really feel anything
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  • My dr did it too. She did it at 40 weeks 1 day. It wasn't painful, just a bit uncomfortable and I had one heck of a hot flash. 
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  • Its when the doctor inserts a finger up into the cervix and "rims" around in the inside of the cervix. This separates some of the mucus/membranes, and *sometimes it can encourage labor. My doctor did it when I was 38 and 39wks. I had it done at 39 3/7, but I didn't deliver until 40 1/7. Some people have great success with it inducing labor though :) It wasn't painful. Just uncomfortable, like a pap smear.
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  • Docs do it too. I had mine swept at 38 weeks and baby was born appx a week later :)
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  • I had mine done with baby 1 and i went into labor late that night, son was born the next night! My sister in law just had it done on Tuesday went into labor that night had their baby girl on Wednesday at about 6pm!
  • This is not the place for this question.
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