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bad cough :(

Any tricks for helping soothe a bad cough?

Andrew has had a fever onn and off for a few days and a wicked cough, worse at night. I'm running a cool mist humidifier in his room. I feel so bad! I'm on the phone in the morning with the pedi. Any suggestions? TIA :)

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Re: bad cough :(

  • Stuffy nose too? Usually helps my kids if I give them an extra pillow so they are a little more propped up or just give him a pillow if he hasn't had one yet. Humidifier should help. If it gets bad and he starts to have trouble sleeping turn on your shower all the way hot, close the bathroom door and sit with him in the steam for awhile (not actually in the hot water, obviously). That should make him more comfortable to go bed. Good luck. My kids both have it too. Is usually worse at night.
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  • Zarbee's cough syrup - our pedi recommended it a few weeks ago for DS and it seemed to work great - on top of using humidifier, saline, suctioning of nose...Just make sure you get the one for 12+ months not 2+ years.  Hope he feels better soon.
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  • If he's still in a crib, can you prop his mattress? Poor little guy. 
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