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What is wrong with my baby!?

Ok - I am going to call the Dr. tomorrow if this happens again tonight... 

My baby is two and a half weeks old and at night he's been doing this weird clearing his throat thing. Well last night he did it for an HOUR straight, and would not sleep at all, seemed mad, uncomfortable, etc. As soon as you pick him up, he's fine. But it almost sounds like he's choking on phlegm or something. He isn't wheezing or gasping for air, he eats just fine (and breaths through his nose while eating). I've tried saline nose drops and suctioning with a bulb syringe, neither of which seem to help. My mom thinks its just a "new sound" he's discovered and is doing it to get attention. It freaks me out so bad at night that I'm not sleeping at all, and my baby isn't either. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? He doesn't do this during the day... but we also don't have him sleeping on his back during the day - usually he's reclined in a swing, boppy, or in our arms... TIA!!! :)

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Re: What is wrong with my baby!?

  • Our baby still does this.  There are many things that could be issues, but unless Dr. hears it himself during the exam OR you can record it for the doctor, there is not much they can do.  Ours ended up being a combination of things, but is related to an acid reflux issue.  We have to keep our baby boy upright for 30 minutes after eating and give him liquid zantac twice daily. 
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  • I was also thinking something reflux related. Put him down at night in whatever he keeps in during the day and see what happens.
  • DS does this every morning for about an hour or two. It's usually gas related but doc told me that it bothers us more than it bothers him. Call the doc to be sure but from what I've read, it's normal and just something they have to grow out of.
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  • Both of my babies have been grunters.  W/ Grace it meant she was gassy and needed to fart or poop.  Jackson usually does it right before his morning feeding after he's been sleeping for 6-8 hours so I guess he's hungry?  Nothing to be concerned with most likely.
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  • hi my son was recently diagnosed with Laryngomalacia (sounds worse than it is). The larynx hasn't fully formed so it creates a almost whistling or stuffy noise on inhalation. i started noticing the noise right after birth  and thought it was a cute quirk but it got a little more frequent so I brought it up to my Dr several times he said it could be a tick or an excited utterance. At about 6 weeks the noise got louder and more frequent so i called the Dr and he asked me to video it and bring it in on his next check up and that's when he was diagnosed.  Once i Googled it and it matched my sons symptoms perfectly and helped ease my concern and most babies grow out of it by 18 months. I'm not saying your baby has this but if you are concerned video tape it on your phone and show the Dr you never know what could be going on.

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  • Baboes can make an amazing amount of noise while in a deep sleep! My 2 month old coughs, sneezes, grunts, and snores when he's dead asleep and I always think he'll wake himself up but he never does. The grunting especially is a little weird and I'm surprised it doesn't bother him at all.
  • Our LO grunts, strains, makes odd goat like noises and much, much more while he's sleeping.  It's totally normal for babies to make all sorts of noises.  It could also be a result of gas or reflux since it seems to happen more when he's lying on his back.

     The one thing I can assure you is that a 2 1/2 week old baby is NOT doing it to get attention.  A baby that young is really just still brain stem responses not attention seeking.

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  • Aw I am sorry, Well Idk if it is the same thing or not but my daughter got diagnosed @ 6 days old w/ Tracheomalacia its very similer to the PP w/ Laryngamalacia. Its just 2 different parts in the voice box that make for loud weezy/chirpy breathing. Different positions make for quieter or louder breathing, when she is excited it also gets louder. It is not painful but what I was told is some other side effects are hiccups, sneezing etc. I also just googled the name and even seen videos online w/ parents who recorded this labored breathing and it was identical to my LO, made me feel more comforteable, cause until you get diagnosed by a dr do you stop worrying. As much anyways
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