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Ok so last night was the first time in 5 weeks that I was intimate with husband. I was soooo nervous! I just couldn't relax ?? I just kept thinking when It would be over I would be in a puddle of blood! I spotted at 6&8 weeks but only a little bit. Now I'm 11w6d. Is it normal to have these thoughts? Am I alone?? Needless to say I'm ok, no spotting at all lol. I need to relax!! ??

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  • I am totally with you there. Its been so hard to get used to it. I am about 11w2d and if i'm being honest, we havent really been together that ofeten since finding out. After my M/C last time I am just alittle nervous but I think once I have my U/S and see a healthy baby and know how far along I am, it will get eaiser!
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  • Awww I'm sorry. I've been through couple losses myself so I think it's normal we feel this way....I'm glad I'm not alone :-) I saw my baby at 9w it was amazing. I see him/her tomorrow again. Yeay!!
  • I'm a little nervous myself. I went through IVF for this pregnancy, so we actually weren't allowed for awhile leading into some of the procedures and whatnot due to the enlarged ovaries and complications that could occur from that. So it's been since sometime in August for us.....we have been given the ok, but I am a little nervous about how I'll feel. Not necessarily that I'll bleed, but if I'll be comfortable since I still feel slightly enlarged ovaries and bloating. I feel bad for DH, and I do want to be intimate with him again....I've just never been here before. I'm finally coming out my complete exhaustion too, so I am sure the time for some loving is soon! LOL
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  • I had a miscarriage right after we had sex in July.  However, I know that the sex did not cause the miscarriage.  With DD we had sex all the time and we have been having a lot of sex this pregnancy too.  I think it's normal to be a little scared and hesitant but sex will not cause you to miscarry (unless there are underlying problems or you are having very rough sex).  Just sit back and enjoy-pregnant sex is the BEST!
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