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Rough morning

I guess i am just having a rough morning. I feel like my symptoms are starting to fade away but then again, I am 11 weeks so I do know its not uncommon for that to happen. I still have to pee every 5 mins and my appitite is there. I still get kinda sick in the morning but I am hungry ALL THE TIME. I am kinda achy I just...GGRRR. I wish my U/S was sooner so I could see a happy healthy baby.

I guess I could just use a kind word!

Re: Rough morning

  • Have you had any ultrasounds yet? Things may be changing symptoms wide because you're getting ready for the 2nd trimester. Good luck!
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  • This is my new account info. I logged into the old one and didnt realize it until after I made that post. I haven't had on yet. i go the day before Thanksgiving. I am just hoping that when I go they tell me that theres a healthy baby there and that I'm just alittle farther along than what I thought. I still have certain symptoms so...I just hope evertthing works out.
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  • Try not to put too much stock in symptoms. Symptoms can disappear for a few days, only to come back out of nowhere... Or not. And, fwiw, when I had my MMC, I still had all my symptoms. So really don't put too much weight in how you're feeling. I'm sure everything is fine, and your body is just adjusting to the hormones. Your appointment is coming up soon, and I hope time flies by between now and then!
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  • Symptoms are funny. I hope the time flies for you and you can see your healthy LO soon!
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  • It's so hard not to diagnose the symptoms or lack there of but try to take it easy on yourself. I know some days just suck more than's so hard to not worry when you are PgAL. I hope you have a doctor's visit soon. 11 weeks...maybe a visit next week? I hope you have peace of mind soon. Huge hugs! 

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  • I pretty much dropped all my symptoms at 10 weeks, and I freaked out about it. Had my ultrasound a week later, and everything looks perfect. My OB said it's 100% normal for symptoms to decrease as you move into your second trimester, as the placenta kicks in.

    Enjoy not feeling like crud everyday for now. Take it day by day. Who knows, your symptoms might come back tomorrow full force. For me, my nausea has made a comeback, but only after meals (and I do a lovely gag or two and I'm fine).

    It's weird how for a PgAL lady, symptoms are like a security blanket. We hold on to feeling like heck, because it makes us feel pregnant, right? People don't realize how special those symptoms are for someone who has lost a LO.

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  • I know it is rough, just hang in there and think sweet thoughts of your LO. Ice cream never hurt either :) I hope the time passes quickly for your next u/s!
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  • Thanks everyone. It is so true. On my first pregnancy, I never thought about it, I just knew that I was pregnant. But after you lose one, I almost want to be sick all the time and "feel" pregnant. My m/s was back this morning. And now I have developed a (TMI) random gag all day. It hits at random moments (and I work with the public so it can kinda make it hard at work)

    Wednesday is almost here and I think once I see the heartbeat I will feel 100% better.

    T&P please

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