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Belly Laughs

I started working night shift on Monday, and occasionally there is a lull in the work so I downloaded "Belly Laughs" on my Nook. Omgosh if you haven't read it, its so real and funny I literally laughed out loud while I was reading.

 It's a fast read, and I finished it in just a couple hours- totally worth it though.

Re: Belly Laughs

  • Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about this book! I read it years ago (not pregnant) just because Jenny McCarthy is so hilarious and then I gave it to all my friends to read (along with the other two Baby Laughs and Life Laughs). I actually used to give them as presents at baby showers...maybe I should start doing that again!

    Just FYI, these were all written before she started campaigning against vaccines, so they are straight humor- nothing about the vaccine/autism issue. 

    Thanks for the reminder of such a hilarious and delightful book. I may have to dig it up again!

    She is here! 5-29-13


  • My MIL sent it to me.  I loved it!  Especially the part-----------------------------------------------------------SPOILER ALERT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------weighing her boob on the food scale!
  • My MIL sent it to me.  I love it!  Especially the part----------------------------------------------------SPOILER ALERT-------------------------




    where she weighs her boobs on a food scale.  Hilarious!

  • I read that when I was pregnant with DD.  it's definitely a hilarious, nice quick read.  I read her second one too (baby laughs I believe it's called).
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  • Another good and funny book is "Pregnancy Sucks".  It was equal parts educational and funny. 

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  • I read it when I was pregnanat with my first child and it is hilarious. Of course, this was before all the vaccine/autism stuff she is talking about lately.
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  • Perfect!! We have a long drive to Dallas for the holidays and I was in desperate need for a new book :)


  • x2 to also recommended Pregnancy Sucks : What to do when your miracle makes you miserable....there is also a Pregnancy Sucks for Men - which my husband thought was hilarious but also helped him understand everything we are going through!
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