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How different were your pregnancies?

Was your 2nd pregnancy different from your 1st? and How?
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Re: How different were your pregnancies?

  • My second was tougher, but I think it had more to do with having a one yr old and not so much the pregnancy itself. I had less heartburn, less food aversions, and less active baby and no swollen ankles the second time.gained about the same. But a lot more tired, and more back pain.
  • Mine have been very similar. The main differences I've noticed is just that everything seems a little tougher with each pregnancy and as I've gotten older. Like m/s starts earlier and goes longer each time, BH start sooner and I have more. Lots of 3rd tri stuff is worse with each like heartburn and swelling and back pain. Also, my babies are getting bigger and that's exhausting. Hmmm. Starting to doubt why I'm doing this for the fifth time Wink

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  • With my DD, I had terrible morning sickness.  I lost 26 lbs while pregnant.  I threw up every single day.  She stopped moving around 37 weeks and they induced me.  (8 hour labor) 

    DS...  perfect pregnancy until 32 weeks.  Then I had PTL and was put on hospital bedrest.  I delivered him at 37 weeks.  (2 hour labor)

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  • My 2nd was definitely alot tougher also. My 1st was easy, no sickness, no pains, felt great! With my 2nd I had morning sickness, spotting due to a placental tear, then bedrest due to the tear. Physically carrying the pregnancy was uncomfortable and i had terrible round ligament pain. My doc said it was likely due to my joints and ligaments being all stretched and relaxed from my 1st preg that they werent offering much support anymore. Im so glad we are done at 2!

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    My two boys are 16 months apart, and I'm loving every minute!
  • So far they've been like night and day.

    I had morning sickness all 40 weeks with my first,  and this one I barely felt nauseous for the first couple weeks.

    I carried extremely high with my first, and this one I'm carrying very low. 

  • Mine were both very easy, the second even easier than the first. No morning sickness, no swelling. Sorry, I'm the pregnant lady everyone hates :.
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  • Mine were like night and day. 

    My 1st I wasn't all that sick. Carried very low and was overall very uncomfortable.

    My 2nd I was sick a lot more. Carried very high and had a pretty uneventful pregnancy until DS decided to come 5 weeks early.  

  • Mine were very similar.  No morning sickness or complications.  The only difference with DD2 was that my body grew faster and my hips were a bit more sore.
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  • mine are almost exactly the same so far. ridic easy.  i'm only 20 weeks with second. hoping third trimester is different cause with first i was constantly tired and woke up every hour every night, and with a one year old it'll be a lot harder to handle this time around. oh, i am showing way earlier this time. that's only difference.

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  • My 1st I wasn't sick  but did have dry heaves, food aversions & carpal tunnel, second I was hugging the toilet the whole 9 months except for three weeks maybe if that.  Third very similar to the first.
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  • Mine were quite different.

    I'm sure some of it had to do with getting pregnant again so quickly (they are 16 months apart), and my body not being in as good a shape as it could have been for DC#2...

    But mostly it was due to external stressors during my pregnancy. We moved back to the US after almost 8 years abroad when I was 6 months pregnant! Up until then, things had been easier with #2 than with #1 - less morning sickness, less heartburn, less fatigue.

    After the move, however, there was so much added stress - my husband started a new job, we were living with my dad for three months (in slightly cramped space) while looking for a home, we were denied our loan before it was finally approved to get the house, I had a very long drive to/from the daycare we put our son into (it was near the house we were buying, not near the house we were living in), etc. So I had regular contractions from 32 weeks. They were stopped with meds in week 33, left to stop on their own (after 24 hours of dilation) in week 35. I started to give birth in week 36 (largely dilated, fully effaced, bloody show), which thank goodness stopped on its own as well... and finally gave birth to a perfectly healthy, but very tiny, baby in week 37. She was under 5.5 pounds when we left the hospital (vs my son, who was born in week 39 at 9 pounds!).

    Even though DC#2 was much smaller, and even though the active phase of labor took under 6 hours (approximately the same as DC#1), after having basically been in labor for a month, it was MUCH harder on me!!

    That said, recovery was MUCH quicker with #2! I felt so out of whack, physically and emotionally after our first child was born, but after #2, I was back in the swing of things within hours!

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  • They all had slight differences, but were mostly the same. I was more sick in the beginning of this pregnancy than my others, but I was sick in all of them. With all 3 I started feeling better around 11 weeks and then threw up one final time at 12.5 weeks. Very strange.

    Labor was much different with my 2 girls, but that's because one was induced.

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  • All 3 have been pretty similar!  Little nausea, bad 1st trimester exhaustion.  The thing that's gotten progressively worse through each pregnancy has been the back pain, but that's from chasing around toddlers and carrying them too much. 
  • So far, extremely similar.  Actually, this one even a bit easier so far, maybe I'm more used to feeling tired keeping up with a toddler?  Except for a couple hernias which popped out much earlier this time, I've been pretty blessed with good/easy pregnancies.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself, as I still have 20+ weeks to go!
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    BFP #2 8/11/12

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  • Pregnancy 1: Easy at first...hardly any morning sickness ...felt great until closer to the end. Started swelling, blood pressure skyrocketed and developed PreE. Had to go on bed rest , then delivered early through csection due to failed induction. Baby was fantastic healthy and my blood pressure went back to normal.

    Pregnancy 2 : Near perfect pregnancy. Never one blood pressure issue! Carried to term and had repeat scheduled csection. Although, I did have horriblepukeeveryday morning sickness for 17 weeks! But that was better than Pree.
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  • My 2nd had more complications. I had placenta previa and was on bedrest from 31-36 weeks. My daughter was born at 36 weeks. 
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  • I would say that I had a more difficult time with my second versus my first because with the second I was chasing around my toddler and wasn't able to rest whenever I wanted to.
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