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How many of you already have names picked out for when you do have children? Do you and your DH agree on names or do you like different ones? What names are you liking these days?

I don't know if it's too premature to talk about this, but I know most women think about it, so why the hell not discuss it Big Smile.

DH and I have discussed names and we don't agree on anything except Jack for a boy. I love Emmy for a girl, but he says it just reminds him of the Emmy Awards. I have kind of gotten him into Lilah Jane a bit more too, which I LOVE.I've always loved Owen and Liam, so maybe I can talk him into one of those if we ever end up having a boy.

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Re: Baby Names

  • If it's a girl, Elizabeth Rose, for sure. And we are hoping for a girl (shame on us, apparently) LOL 

     If it's a boy, we are tossing around Landen Arthur, Sean Allen, Sean Michael, or Landen Sean



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  • image rmcgibbon:

    DH and I have discussed names and we don't agree on anything except Jack for a boy.

    We hope to have a Jack too!  It's a family name and the only one we've picked out as well.  I have a ton of boys names that I like and zero girls names.  I assume that means that when we get pregnant it will likely be a girl.


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  • We have names picked out, but I'm sure the conversation will be different and the names may change once we are really KU!

    girl- Kennedy


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  • Too premature to talk about this?  Hope not, because we've had our names picked out since we were dating!  For a girl, Camilla Suzanne (my grandmother's name and the middle name is my middle name which also happens to be a combo of our moms' names!)

    Neither of us love the full boy's name because it's my maiden name and his middle name, which is a family name, so basically the kid is going to have 3 last names.  Sounds like a law firm instead of a person.  Fortunately, my maiden name is easily shortened into a great solid nickname.

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  • We don't. We've mentioned some names that we like here and there but that's it.



  • I have a list of names on my cell. When I hear one I like I add it. ; We had a terrible time naming our son. He didn't have a name until a week before he was born. It was hard for us to agree!



  • We have a boys name Simon David...MN is my DH first name. I also love my DH dads name which was Blaine not sure about a middle for that but I wouldnt mind using my dads either name Kevin or MN Blaine Kevin or Blaine Vincent..we like different things for girls name I love his great grandmas name but it may be too different Sarafina....also can be spelled Seraphina...I know it is kind of frilly and may not really go with DDs name which is the ever so popular Emma. DH likes Sophia which I like but it is kinda popular right now...
  • Yes we talk about it but won't decide on the name until we get pregnant. 

    Girls-Sydney, Paige, Lucy

    Boys-Graham and Levi

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  • We've discussed names for years, but nothing is set in stone.

    We are going to be Team Find Out (if/when I get a BFP), and we have decided that we will bring a list of names with us to the hospital and won't pick the final name until we see the baby.



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  • If it's a boy, then he is definitely a Jr. (family tradition) If it's a girl, I like Emma and I don't care that it's popular, Hannah, and Laura. 
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  • We have a boy name picked out for sure Liam... love that name plus our last name is Noesen so he will be Liam Noesen and hopefully a total bada$$ like Liam Neeson:) As for girls names we have talked about a few but nothing has really stuck yet.

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  • image MommyAmes2:
    We had a terrible time naming our son. He didn't have a name until a week before he was born. It was hard for us to agree!

    Every. Single. Word. Of This! I could've wrote that lol.

    We have names picked out, I just hope we don't change our minds.
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  • We have been talking about it forever! At first I wanted to use Kamryn for a girl but my best friend named my goddaughter that so that was the end of that. We have now come up with James Andrew  for a boy(FN is my DH and Brothers MN and the MN is after 2 of our best friends which it is also there MN). For a girl we have come up with Abigail Grace, we love the name Abbey but can't figure out a middle name to go with it. Plus if we have a girl and name her Abigail she will have something to go by as an adult.
  • For a boy, DH wants to use his grandfather's name: Russell Myers. I don't love it but how could I say no? Plus Russell is also a family name in my family.

    For a girl the name we mutually like best so far is Scarlet Logan. Logan is my mom's maiden name.

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  • DH & I picked out first & middle names for both genders (both first & second choice) while we were engaged. But there's always a chance that we'll change our minds, which wouldn't be a huge deal.
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  • We were team "green" with DD, so we had a boy and girl name picked out, and we plan on using our boy name if #2 is a boy. Since we couldn't agree on a girls' name for the longest time, we decided to not go through it again and already have our girl's name picked out as well. DH wants to name the next one after his dad, irregardless of boy or girl, since we only plan on having 2, so a boy will be Blake Ryan and a girl will be Ryan Nicole.
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  • Our first was named Leonidas. The next if it is a boy will be Beniah. Not sure about a girl. DH has this weird thing about names that end with an "e" sound. Like Lanie, or christie.

    He wanted persephone. I like Rose marie. Or Laila. Both were shot down before we found out DS was a boy.

  • DH and I had the hardest time picking a name for our son.  He was planned but we didn't want to think of names until after we conceived and than we decided to wait until after the first trimester.  DH hated everything I liked and I hated everything he liked.  The only name we both liked was Ike but we couldn't find a good middle name to go with it. One day I just said a name and he was like "oh hell yes... and this....should be the middle name".  That is how we picked DSs name.

    Once we started TTC #2 I was picking out names and than DH told me to stop bc he didn't want to jump the gun... 10 months later I'm still not pregnant and i am glad I stopped looking at names when I did. 

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  • Olivia and Benjamin :)

    I love Jack too but our last name is Hart - way too harsh for Jack 


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  • Harrison Scott if it's a boy.


    Violet or Norah for a girl. 

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  • image MommyAmes2:
    I have a list of names on my cell. When I hear one I like I add it. ; We had a terrible time naming our son. He didn't have a name until a week before he was born. It was hard for us to agree!

    I have a phone list too!!! When we get KU I'm gonna pull it out, show DH and be like YO, pick one. Lol!


  • The boys names are all family names. I would like to name a son after my husband, but he doesn't seem to care either way.

    If we had a girl, Veronica, Clarissa, or Angelica and for boys my last name or my mother's last name as a first name.  My H like the idea of last names as first names for boys. 



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  • for boys we like: Wyatt, Garrett and Emmett

    for girls: Helen Audrey (for his grandma and mine) and Summerlynn Esme 

  • We had such a had time naming our kids.  Right now, if we have a girl, it will be Sophie Eleanor.  I let dh pick the first name if we can do a middle and use Eleanor as the middle name after my aunt who was such a great part of our family. 

    For boys, first names we r thinking is Evan, max, patrick for first names and middle is jack, John, Peter. 


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  • We don't have anything picked out for sure, but we toss ideas around occasionally. We really prefer uncommon, but not unheard of names.

    For boys, my DH really likes Victor Michael but I am not 100% sold yet.  For girls, I really like Veda Louise (after my grandmother), but he isn't 100% sold yet. I am sure when the time comes there will be a lot of discussion before we finally decide.

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  • We've agreed on Alexandra for a girl, at least for now. I love Grace for a middle name but DH is not so sure about that. We haven't really come up with boy names yet.

    We do plan to find out what we're having so I think that's probably when we'll really get serious about it.

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  • I love talking about baby names! I have a list on my phone and when I think of more i just add it. I figure that way when we do get KU I can just whip it out.

    My current boy favorite is Wyatt Andrew. My current girl favorite is Ruby Kate. We won't be sharing our name with anyone until the baby is born :


  • We already have names picked out. Honestly, I had names picked out long before I was dating DH, and he is good enough to agree to them.

    For a boy, Joshua David Michael.

    For a girl, McKenna Lee.

    image image image


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