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Breaking Dawn Part 2... trying to remain spoiler free

Yeah, so someone had to post about it! 

OMG!!! I was about to throat punch Stephenie Meyer last night! She produced the movie, and as soon as that one scene began I was like, "WTF?!" The whole theater sat there in horror, and after "the scene" was over people actually screamed and threw stuff at the screen. LOL.  My hormones made me cry twice... imagining Kristen Stewart as a mother figure is a stretch, I know wouldn't have cried if I hadn't been hormonal. 

I also must give props to DD2, who did not squish my bladder throughout the movie, and also that my water did not break before or during the movie. Now that I've seen the movie, for which I've held tickets to for almost 2 months, I am perfectly fine giving birth AAAAANNNNYYYY time now... 

Overall... BEST movie in the series!

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Our first family photo!

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Re: Breaking Dawn Part 2... trying to remain spoiler free

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