Emergency c-section at 28 weeks; 12 weeks early!

i went into pre-term labor over the weekend, and the dr's were able to stop labor 2 times, before i was fully dilated and delivered via emergency c-section on wednesday.  

on wednesday morning, i was told i'd be on hospital bed rest until my due date.  on wednesday night, i had given birth to a  strong and beautiful daughter.   

it's still a shock...  feeling a bit overwhelmed, and not sure what to expect for the future!  we will figure it out... and we've got a strong, supportive team behind us.

she was 2 lbs, 6ozs at birth.  thank god for NICU teams and the amazing work they will continue to do for her estimated 12 week stay.  

Re: Emergency c-section at 28 weeks; 12 weeks early!

  • Welcome and congrats on your little girl! I was also told I'd be on bed rest for atleast 8 weeks and my guy was born at 2 pm that day, so I understand the confusion and craziest that happens on their birthday. Where you able to get the steroid shots?

    I'm glad she is doing well. Wishing you an uneventful NICU stay. It takes a little while for all the emotions to happen so just go with it and whatever you feel in any moment is understandable.

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  • Welcome, mama.  You have come to the right place.  Please keep us updated and ask us any questions. 
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  • Welcome and congrats!  Glad to hear you have a strong little girl! 

    I had to have an emergency c-section at 32 weeks, due to my complications, but due to IUGR, my son was only a few ounces bigger than your DD.  He did amazing though, and came home 16 days before his due date...I hope for the same for your daughter!!


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  • I went through the same thing in March. Perfectly normal pregnancy until BAM! Water broke at home at 27 weeks and 5 days. Water broke at 5pm, drove to first hospital, 1 steriod shot and meds to stop contractions, he was breech and I was 2 cm dialated, air care to level 1 trauma center. When we got there, we were first told it would be hospital bed rest until at least 34 weeks. Tried magnesium. Doctor said I would probably deliver within 24 to 48 hours. Next thing you know, I'm being wheeled to the OR and put under. He was born at 10:24 PM, so less than 6 hours after my water broke. He was 2 lbs 11 oz. I was in shock for the first few weeks and missed out on a lot stuff. Get her footprints done now!! I wish we would have thought about it. It would have been nice to compare birth footprints to discharge footprints. Wish I would have found this board while we were going through it. You are in the right place!
  • Welcome. The ladies here are great.

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  • Congrats on baby girl! You have a fantastic attitude. Wish I had your perspective when mine were born :) Here's to a healthy and FAST 12 weeks!
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  • Congrats and Welcome! This board is full of incredibly supportive women. Best wishes to you and your daughter!!

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    My preemies Avery Grace & Ethan Michael were born at 27wk5d at 2 lb 4 oz and 2 lb 2 oz respectively. Avery spent 70 days in the NICU. Ethan spent 250 days in the hospital and underwent several surgeries before finally coming home!

  • Welcome and sorry you are here so soon.  My former 28 weekers just turned 16 months old.  They came home 10 days before their due date.  Prayers your little girl continues fighting hard.  Let us know if you have questions, concerns, or just need someone to listen.
  • Welcome and congrats on the birth of your daughter!  I hope her NICU stay is as short and uneventful as possible!
  • Welcome! After the OB told me besdrest for 4 weeks, the next day my water broke! Funny how things happen.
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  • Congratulations on the birth of your little girl. Praying for a short and uneventful NICU stay. Please stick around and ask any questions you may have. Please keep us posted.



  • Congratulations on your baby girl!!

     I know exactly what you mean on the confusion. I went into preterm labor at 24w 4d. Labor was stopped and I was told that I could possibly keep my little one in for a few more weeks. The next day I delivered via emergency C-Section, and my boy was 1lb 9oz (24w 5d). Definitly an overwhelming feeling! My little one is doing great so far.

    I wish the best for you and your family, and also for a very uneventful NICU stay!!

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