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What kind of person would...

go on a talk show? Like Dr Phil for example? Makes no sense! I have a bad habit of watching old reruns when I'm up and cleaning or busy just as back ground noise, and for some reason to listen to other people's problems.

My question is, what in the world would convince someone to go onto national television and put all the worst problems out there? There was a lady the other day on there that admitted to hating her ten year old daughter! Talked about how she often thought about killing her (and telling the daughter as much), how she would love it if she were to get kidnapped etc, it was atrocious.

A couple on there today are talking about how he abuses her, often with their daughter IN his arms.... admits fully to all of it, how he even got mad at her when she got blood on the carpet when he PUNCHED her in the face... WHY would he tell everyone in the world that? And they're thinking about getting married! What would he possibly gain from being on television? 

The fact that I watch it regularly is a whole different messed up topic... just wondering if anyone knows someone that has been on a talk show like that?  



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Re: What kind of person would...

  • I always think its fake. It has to be fake.

    Like people that used to go on Jerry Springer. I cheated on you with 5 friends and your dog.... Now I have a secret.

    People like attention and are obsessed with fame, positive or negative.

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  • I think some people are just desperate for attention of any sort. And there are people who can't make any decision, especially big ones, without constant validation and feedback and attention from others. It's sad.

    But yes, hopefully a large portion are totally fake.

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  • I saw one of my sister's ex boyfriends on Maury. I thought most of the trashy ones were fake before that.
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  • Its an ego thing.  They think they are just awesome because they can beat up their gifrlfriend or hate their child. they have no idea how horrible they really are


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  • I just hope that they are fake, because it's too horrific to think of a household like that. But I have seen some Dr. Phil episodes where they put cameras in the home (the family is aware) and the abuse and emotional abuse is awful. I don't think it's fake.

    I will say that I went to a taping of the Jenny Jones show back in the day. HA HA. It was free. It wasn't that scandalous, but the people LOVED the attention. 

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  • I don't know... I always hoped it was fake too (and I'm sure most of it is) until I saw an old friend from high school on one with his whole family. I could only watch it for a minute before I felt like I was intruding into their business. It's so different when it's someone you know.
  • I always hoped it was fake and people did it for a free vacation. If you admit to child or spousal abuse on tv, even if fake, how could that not follow you? Like wouldn't the guy get fired from his job, etc? I'm sure people would say things or even spit on people in public, etc. Would a vacation be worth that? The only other explanation is extreme mental illness, where they just don't see how they appear to the public.
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  • Ive known a couple people on those shows before. I knew (afterwards) a guy that had previously been on I forget which show (i think jenny jones) but something about him being abusive verbally i dont know if physical I forget but as far as I knew he admitted to it and it was true.

    I knew another young girl who had been through ALOT and exposed to way way to much and she was an out of control teen which she really was, having unprotected sex at early age and always sleeping w/ random guys etc. wanting to get preggers but she claimed they spray some menthol stuff in her eyes to make her cry, and they chose the slutty clothing for them to wear and she also said like on maury, they pay the woman 500 per man that fails a paternity test. . . .she was a weurd one though so I personally think she was full of it. But I wouldnt doubt the paternity thing. Thats just crazy to test 8 guys on tv and none are the dad? I'd hope they got money for that.

    Who knows though!!

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