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Do you take LO to Drs Appts?!

This question just hit me, so I have to ask! Do you (or will you) take LO to Doctor appointments with you?? In my case, DH will probably not be there most of the times except for the special appointments, like the first one or when we have US's. My SIL could probably watch DD if I have a long appts (glucose test, stress tests, etc) Other than that I just planned on taking her....Hopfully this isnt "annoying" to drs :/ (can't see mine being 'annoyed' personally) What are your plans??
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Re: Do you take LO to Drs Appts?!

  • I did take DS with me a few times but generally I tried not mil would take him or my mom, because it was too stressful on me with DS being at the age where he didnt want to sit in the stroller and wanted to get into everything. My doc said they dont mind at all, but i did.

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    My two boys are 16 months apart, and I'm loving every minute!
  • I usually try to schedule it for when DH is available. Then he comes with me and helps with the kids. Our OB is like a family friend at this point, so we all like to see her. If the kids get to be too much, DH just goes out into the halls with them, but at least he's there (even if it means the kids are there!)

    If it had to be a daytime appt, I would take the littles with me. They wouldn't love it, but we could swing it.

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  • I took DD1 all the time (she was 9 months when I got pregnant again). The nurse or office admin would hold her if there was something going on that she was too wiggly to tolerate (my legs in stirrups, for example). They even had crayons and books for her when she was a little older. It was NBD at my OB's office but I suppose all offices are different.
  • I was just coming to this board to ask the same question. 

    When I was PG with DD, at first I saw plenty of tots in the waiting room. In 3Tri, they put up a sign saying no kids were allowed (to avoid the spread of germs). When I came back for my PP check, the receptionist was shocked and disappointed that I didn't bring my baby. I was so confused.

    With this PG, I arranged care for the first few appts, but I noticed that the "No kids!" signs were taken down and there were tots in the waiting room again. I took DD to my most recent appt, and she hated it. She really didn't like when they took blood from me or checked the heartbeat. I don't know why, but she was freaked out. So from now on I will arrange care when I can but bring her if necessary. 

  • I never take my kids to appointments. I think it would be fine for anything quick but if you expect to get into the stirrups then I'd try to find a babysitter.
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  • DD1 was about 11 months old when I found out I was pregnant again, and went to any appts there just just regular "belly checks." If it was an appt where I thought I'd have an internal exam I had a friend watch her. I stopped taking her when my weekly appts started including NSTs and BPPs, around 36 weeks, and had a friend watch her for those, too. She went with me to all of my endocrinologist appts (I had GD) and they loved seeing her.

    If I had to take her, I put her in the stroller with a book or snack and she was usually fine. 

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  • I take DD if DH is not available to watch her. If I had other family to watch her I probably wouldn't take her but I am not going to pay a babysitter for a 15 min appointment.

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  • With ds2's pg, ds1 went to inhome daycare M,T,W so I made my appts those days. With ds3's, the big ones went/go to school on M,W,F so I made appts those days. There is no way I could take either of my big boys to appts even when I was pg with DS2. DS1 was not a patient baby and was walking at 8months old so keeping him happy in places like a doctor's office wasn't easy. 
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  • For the standard appointments where it's just weight/pee in a cup/measure belly/check hb I brought DS with no issue. My doctor did not get annoyed. For longer appointments DH came with me or I got a sitter.

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  • DD is in daycare, so for all my apts so far I've just left work for them around lunchtime.  But I had one last week early so I just took her with me so I didn't have to run her all the way up to DC and back down to my dr office in morning rush hour.  It was a 'quickie' apt, and wasn't a big deal at all, she kept busy with a toy & book, and searching around in the diaper bag.  Until I opted to take an additional blood test and I wasn't allowed to hold her and she FREAKED out.  Crying hysterically for the 2 minutes they drew blood from me.  Nurses came running from everywhere to try to soothe her which only freaked her out more when strangers tried to pick her up.  I felt bad for the dr office, but none of them seemed to mind.

    Needless to say, I won't be doing that again.

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  • I took DS1 to all of my appointments. I did what is called Centering prenatal care. It's group care. Your appointments are 2 hours long, there were 7 women in my group, all due within 2 months of each other. It starts off with individual vitals with the nurse, then doc does their check, heartbeat, fundal, while others are going through their vitals and such, the rest of us were in a room chatting. Doc comes in and we have an aspect of pregnancy, labor and delivery, or post natal care that we talk about and there is time for questions. DS1 was awesome everytime and the other moms there loved him as well. My doc and nurse fell in live with him as well, and he actually opened up to them too..,he's usually very shy.
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  • I occasionally had to take DS to my appts when I was pg with DD - I was sometimes able to schedule them so that my dad could watch him, but other times he was working, etc and unable to do it.  My DD had low fluid at the end, so I had an u/s and NST every week, and being able to schedule 2 different appointments without DS was impossible.  I would bring lots of toys and snacks for him and he was usually ok.  The only time he had trouble was during ultrasounds when they would turn the lights off (he was 7months old when I got my BFP, 15 months when she was born), he would scream because he couldn't see me as well.  

    This time, both kids are in pre-school 3 days a week.  I usually work 2 nights a week, so either on my way home in the morning or on one of the days when they were in school and I hand't worked, I would have a Dr. appointment.  So far, I haven't had to bring either one of them with me!   

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  • I never took her with me b/c i never knew how long I would be. Sometimes 10 minutes..........sometimes 3 hours. It was always a surprise!
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  • We just went through IVF which required a ton of appointments and the kids went with me for nearly all of them.  I just take my double stroller and strap them in for the actual appointment.

     I expect both kids will be with me for most all of my OB appointments as well.  Again, a stroller is a wonderful thing.

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  • DS has been to two. The very first one and he couldn't walk so it wasn't a big deal, DH Was able to hold him.

    He also came to our A/S bc we wanted my mom to come and she is usually the one that watches him. He was so fidgety during the sonogram and wanted down the whole time. After the sono my mom took him outside to run in the halls while DH and I met with the doctor.

    As long as I had someone to watch him, I wouldn't want to bring him. He's too mobile and isn't entertained sitting still, plus I have long waits for most appointments.


  • I take late appts and DH comes home to look after DD. My Mum does step in every so often if needed, MIL will look after DD for my glucose test.
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  • I took DD to all of my doctor's appointments while pregnant. I did find child care for her for the glucose test because I didn't want to have to make her sit through that but really, she probably would have done fine. Snacks were always a life saver and the nurses and my doctor were never annoyed, even when she had her "moments". I figure they've seen it all. I do plan to have someone watch her for my postpartum check ups though because I don't want to have to handle two kids with my pants down, lol.
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