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Travel at 22nd weeks

Im 18w for my first baby boy and im just wondering if its safe to travel on the 22nd week??! i have to come and attend my childhood friend wedding in Florida, she came down here in LA to attend mine too last year so im returning a favor as well and i love weddings...and at the same time i think its a great idea to spend some alone time with hubby, a babymoon : i have a doctors appointment later and i will for sure ask my doc,but i want to have some thoughts from soon to be moms out there like me. : thanks...appreciate it!

Re: Travel at 22nd weeks

  • Pretty sure it is totally fine. 
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  • Its fine In 2 weeks (22 weeks) I am doing a 2 and a half day drive to florida - hoping on a cruise for a week and then flying back. My doctor said it was fine.

    the only recommendation she had to me was use compression socks when travelling and to try and keep the legs moving as often as I can.

  • It's fine. We're going on a cruise to the Bahamas in a couple weeks. I'll be 22-23 weeks pg. They don't allow cruising after 24 weeks just because they don't have the  medical staff on board. Other travel is completely fine though. 
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  • My obgyn says up to 32 weeks is fine as long as I'm not high-risk. They didn't even rule out a trip my family is taking less than a month before my due date as long as I check in with them a couple days before and everything looks fine.

    I'm flying to CO at 24 weeks and hubby and I are hoping to take a baby moon around 29 weeks. 

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  • As long as you're healthy.  If its a long flight make sure you move around to keep blood flow in your legs. 
  • Totally! My doctor approved me to do the 10 hour round trip flight between Hawaii and Atlanta at 30 weeks.

    Have fun at the wedding!!! Weddings are awesome!
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  • My OB is fine with travel by plane up to 36 weeks.  I am considering a babymoon in the 32-34 week time frame and she didn't seem concerned at all.  I am low risk and she could change her mind I suppose depending if something were to change between now and then! 

     Alot of airlines have their own guidelines, I think most don't recommend after 32ish weeks but you can look them up on their sites!


  • I traveled by plane at 24 weeks last time with no issue whatsoever. 


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  • Like most have said here... as long as you get up and stretch... just don't sit too long, like every hour get up and get the blood flowing in your legs, etc... you'll be just fine!  That's what my OB has told me many times.

    DH and I are flying from MI to New Orleans when I'm going to be 25 weeks... and then again from MI to CA when I'm going to be 32 weeks.  It's crazy... we haven't traveled this much in one year before, and bam... now we are!  :)

    Enjoy the babymoon!  ;)

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  • If you aren't high risk, totally fine!  I flew home for my baby shower at 34 weeks, and took several flights including 2 cross country flights at various points between 22 and 32 weeks.  Drink LOTS of water and try to get an aisle seat so you can get up and walk to the bathroom easily and get the blood moving in your legs.

    Have fun!

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  • Hi there!

    I am 20 weeks and will be leaving for Boston from CA tomorrow, we will be coming home when I am 21.5 weeks. I did clear this with my Dr and she said it is ok, just to be sure to stay hydrated and to get up and walk around/stretch on the plane every hour. Have a great trip!

  • I am going to be flying home to L.A at 22 weeks for Christmas, I'm going to ask my doctor to make sure, but I'm pretty sure it's fine.

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