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not sleeping great

Has anyone else noticed their baby not sleeping well after starting solids? I'm so use to her STTN that this was a bit of a shock. She's been up multiple times the past few nights and the only thing that's changed has been starting solids. She's had sweet potatoes around 5:30 every night for a few days. I can tell she's hungry when she wakes up in the middle of the night so I feed her and she goes back to sleep. When I go to put her back in the crib she acts like she's terrified and won't stop screaming until I pick her up. The second I pick her up, she passes out... I'm not doing CIO, but I let her fuss it out. Has anyone else noticed this with their baby? Maybe it's a growth spurt?
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Re: not sleeping great

  • Same here. DD slept through the night starting at 2 weeks but the last week or two she has been up at least once every night. I hadn't started her on solids so I thought maybe she was just hungry and I started giving her solids in the evenings, but starting the food made no difference. She had her 6 month check up and the pediatrician felt that the sleeping problems were most likely the beginning of the separation anxiety. So when she wakes up briefly she is looking around for mom and dad and becoming more aware of her surroundings. This seems logical to me, I also think it may be a growth spurt. DD is not much of a cryer so most nights I let her fuss it out. Whatever you decide, hope it gets better soon! :)
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  • Our pedi told us a lot of babies start sleeping worse at 6 months as their brains and bodies become more active, it's harder for them to settle and easier for them to wake up. 

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  • This lasted about a week for us. I too, worried it was solids/time change but I think it was just a coincidence. It lasted a week (he would wake up screaming and wouldn't stay asleep for longer than 2 hours at a time). It was rough but it's finally back to normal now. Maybe it was a growth spurt? 

    Hang in there! 

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  • We are going through this but I don't think our situation is related to solids. She went from sleeping 12 hours to now waking up every hour for her paci. Once she gets her pacifier she falls right back asleep. I thought it had to do with the time change but she seems adjusted now. So now I'm thinking growth spurt or teething. My pedi did mention at her 4 month apt to just wait until 6 months when I told her how great she slept. I will have to have her elaborate on that at our next appointment. I feel like I have newborn again!!
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  • YES!!!!   I am feeling the same as you.... I am hoping it's a growth spurt from all the foods but also I found a tooth today just breaking the gums.  But yes she is sweet as pie all day and used to sleep from 9pm - 8am  non stop and now is up almost every 2 or 3 hours and I feed her then screams at me when I go lay her back down again.  So glad to know I am not the only one! 

    I am wiped out but I am hoping this changes so I can have my sweet little sleeper baby back :)   

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