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Some Q's about gripe water...

For those that use gripe water I am just wondering if u use it as a preventative measure or do you only use it if you can't get them settled any other way and they are gassy? Do you usually have to use it every day? My DD is a gassy baby and it does seem to help her a lot but I am nervous to give her something every day but I can't stand a screaming baby all day if you use gripe water

How often do you use it?

Do you see a big improvement in your LO?

Did you talk to your pedi before giving it to LO?

Thanks for any responses :)

Re: Some Q's about gripe water...

  • If you know she's really gassy, have you tried gas drops?  That might work better and if you're bottle feeding, you can add it to the bottles.

    I use gripe water but only when he's inconsolable and I think it's his stomach or gas. It immediately calms him down.  I only need it every once in a while though, not even every week really. 

    If your baby is crying all the time after eating, you might want to talk to your pedi and just make sure she doesn't have reflux or some allergy.

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  • I agree with above...except...we do give it every day and our ped said it was totally fine to do so. I don't give it unless I can't settle her any other way..but its been pretty predictable when that is...
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  • My son had awful gas and Gripe Water worked well, but we never used it as a preventative measure...but I guess we could of.

    To prevent the gas (as much as we could) we would do knee to tummy presses a couple times while feeding him, as well as used a rice bag heater. My sister made it for us! :) 

    If you don't know what it's a cloth bag (some people use a adult sized tube sock) filled with uncooked rice. Heat it in the microwave for only about 5-10 seconds at a time. when it's warm (not hot), place it on the baby's tummy while eating (over baby's clothes). The heat helps break up the gas.

    Another great, natural solution is Infant Massage!

  • How often do you use it?  every bottle & sometimes in plain water (distilled or Gerber Pure) in between feedings - works much better than drops for DD

    Do you see a big improvement in your LO?  thankfully yes

    Did you talk to your pedi before giving it to LO?  no but he knows now

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  • I actually just paid a visit to the ER recently because of this. My LO has been diagnosed w/ Tracheomalacia (a weak/soft Trachea that causes for loud weazy/chirpy sounding breathing) and at her last Ped appt they said she was breathing way too fast and sent us to the ER. Nothing was wrong but she has so much gas in her little belly its causing pressure against her little lungs and making her strain extra harder to breath. :/ all is well and they gave us a prescription for gas that contained simethicone that makes all the tiny air bubbles turn into larger air bubbles that would be easier for baby to pass. Well of course 2nd day home my 2y.o got ahold of the drops and emptied them out so I had done research on gripe water and wanted to give it a shot. It's going on my 2nd day now, and I want to say I notice a difference but in a way I dont see the difference I was hoping for I guess. It seems to instantly help but I feel like right after I feed afterwards she is still uncomfy, idk but I am trying other ways before I give the drops, the bicycle move with legs and massage. I just hate seeing her in discomfort. I am also gassy myself :/

    I also breastfeed and I am in the process of cutting dairy out of my diet since I am lactose intolerant. Im making it harder for LO its just so hard to successfully get through a whole day dairy free. . . .I am trying though.

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