3rd Trimester

Baby does not want to leave my belly

I am now two days past my due date. This little girl loves my belly so much she will do anything not to leave. I went to my 40 week appointment today and got a pelvic exam. I?m 50% effaced (btw thanks to the person who explained in a previous post of mine what effaced meant), but her head is not in my pelvis. The midwife could barely feel her head. She started pressing on my belly to make sure what she felt was her head and not her bottom. She?s also lying facing my side, not my back. So next week I have to get a sonogram (to check fluid levels) and a non-stress test. Based on the results we will decide if I am to get induced. I told my husband ?I think we are going to be raising a very stubborn girl.?  

Re: Baby does not want to leave my belly

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