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Should I see the doctor?

I am 15 weeks today. On Saturday I started to develop a sore throat and it varies day to day, some days are way worse than others. Well 2 days ago my cough got really bad and I coughed so much that it has caused me to throw everything back up I have ate. My nose just started running constantly yesterday, and my lips are really dry. I am also sneezing a lot.

Now I am not the type of person to go to the doctor for anything. I tend to just wait it out, but the fact that I have a baby growing in me it makes me more cautious. But I also dont want to go to the doctor and it not be something that I needed to see someone for. I just need some advice if I should go or not? Please and thank  you


Re: Should I see the doctor?

  • I would not go

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  • i see no reason to go. this does not affect baby at alll.
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  • I would just call my ob to be safe.  They should be able to tell you over the phone if you need to go in.  I was really sick in my first trimester for about 2 weeks, and they weren't worried.  They just told me what I could take for a cold and to call back if I wound up with a fever/difficulty breathing.  Most people get sick more often/more severely when pregnant because their immune system is weakened.

    Feel better!

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  • Sounds like a little cold or perhaps seasonal allergies. With no fever, I don't think its necessary to see your doctor. Stay hydrated, take some approved medicine for the nose, and rest.

  • You could just call the nurses line for your OB. When I had bronchitis, all they did was tell me what I could take over the counter. They would have called in a prescription, but I am allergic to the only thing they would have prescribed. Otherwise, you just have to wait it out, and it SUCKS. It took me over 10 days to beat it, when normally it would take 3-4.
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  • i wouldnt worry- i've already had 2 minor colds. The only thing you can do it drink alot of water, rest, and take some tylenol and suck on cough drops.
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  • It's a cold, nothing to see the doc about.  Keep hydrated and wait for it to pass.  Call your doc if you get a fever over 101.
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  • Sounds like a bad cold. I would give it several days and see if you get better before going to the doctor.


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  • Water, vitamin C and D, lots of rest, and stay warm! Unless you develop a fever, or you get a sinus infection, I'd avoid the copay ;]
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