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Is anyone else giving LO water?  If so how much?   Loghan never takes the bottle even when I pump then gave her one with water... voila!!  :)     

Also how much baby food is enough?  I give her half a jar. What is everyone else giving?


Hope everyone is doing well :)  

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Re: Water

  • No water here there's no reason to, it just fills them up with no calories.
    Food he's only getting a tablespoon or two a day and what ever he gets in his mouth from the bananas and avocados he chews on. Food before one is for fun and learning. Breast milk is his food for now.
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  • I only give her water if she is interested in my cup or water bottle and wants to practice drinking from that. Also sometimes a squeeze from her vitamin dropper if she's has hiccups.
    We're starting to practice solids because she's showing all of the signs of readiness but I have portions frozen in ice cube trays and she gets 1 cube (so roughly a tablespoon). One day I gave her a bit more than that because it was the bottom of the jar and she had a hard time having a bowel movement so we'll increase slowly, but for now, 1 Tbs.
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  • No water yet for LO. Maybe I will put some in a sippy cup when he tries that soon. LO nurses a minimum of 9 times a day. When I went to the pedi he told me to start giving him more solids. He is now eating about 3oz of cereal mixed with breast milk and fruit. Then for dinner he eats about 2oz  meat and veggies and 2 oz cereal with breast milk. I keep his cereal pretty thin so I can get more breast milk in it. LO loves to eat. I also make sure I only feed solids after he has been nursed.  It seems like A LOT of food, but I think if I offered it he'd eat more. I'm just afraid it will ruin my supply.
  • We have given him water before but not regularly. When he was having trouble passing stool, we gave him about an ounce to help things along, and he has an ounce or so here and there on occasion.
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  • Regarding the amount of baby food, right now DS gets about 6 oz total of fruit or veggie purees mixed with some oatmeal spread out across 3 meals over the course of the day.
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  • My LO LOVES water, but we only give her a few sips here and there.  She is constantly grabbing for any cup and pulling it up for sips. 

    As for solids we have offered a few bites of purees but mainly offer finger foods.  She is mainly playing right now and isn't really getting much to her mouth. 

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  • Like I mentioned in another post I give sips of water from a shot glass... She probably gets no more than an  ounce at a time, (no more than 2 ounces/day... probably not even that much)

    I give it to her with meals.  She seems to like it.


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  • We give water in a sippy cup during solids time. She has learned fairly quickly how to use a straw sippy. My pedi ok'd it at our 6 mth appt. So far she is not taking in any less bottle and we have been doing it for a few weeks now. 

    We feed 2 solid meals a day at lunch and dinner. We do 2 ounces of fruit/veggies and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal for each meal. We have also started finger foods.  

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  • We give her water in a sippy cup when we do solids, so about 2 to 3 times a day.  She doesn't really drink much, however.  She does like to hold onto the handles and will drink some of it.

    As far as food, we go through about 2 or 3 Stage 2 (3.5 ounce) containers a day.  Usually a fruit in the am (in a couple of times) and then mix 2 veggies for afternoon/dinner.  Sometimes we do some meat baby food, but not every night.  She still drinks tons of formula a day.  Honestly, I don't know exactly how much she gets.  We just feed her when she is hungry and she's been gaining weight, so we're not worried. Oh, she's also started gnawing on and eating/gumming small pieces of bread.  We offer her the sippy cup when she does this.  It's kind of great since it kind of entertains her for about 10 or 15 minutes. Smile

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  • We give her a sippy cup after her solids. She's actually gotten really good at using it. She doesn't get a lot of water from it but it is more for practice. 

     As for solids we just started 2x a day. In the morning she gets 2oz. of fruit and for dinner she will get 2oz. of veggies. Sometimes I will also give her some banana in her mesh feeder or some mum mums. I make all her food so when I say 2oz it's two "ice cubes".  

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