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Trouble sleeping--hip pain

I am 23 wks pregnant and have such a difficult time sleeping!  I have always been a back sleeper...so the adjustment to sleeping on my side has been hard.  Lately I wake up several times a night with cramping in my hips and legs (usually the side I am laying on)  It is horrible and painful.  I had to get up twice last night to walk around to get the cramps to stop.

My sister suggested a pillow between my knees....not sure how that will help since I suspect the pain stems from all my weight resting on one hip or another.  My boyfriend suggested a pillow UNDER the hip I am resting on.  I have thought about getting one of those big 'C' shaped pillows from Babies R Us.  

....I am SO tired :(

Any suggestions?


Re: Trouble sleeping--hip pain

  • I'm dealing with the same crap... I mean issue =)  And I did find that a pillow between my knees helps somewhat.  I have started putting my body pillow halfway under my back and sleeping kind of slanted off of it.  It gives me the comfort of sleeping "on my back" without letting all that baby weight press on me.

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  • this is my suggestion for just about everything, but I would go see a chiropractor....

    Mine helps with pretty much every bodily issue I've had while I've been pregnant and even when I'm not.....

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  • I'm also a back sleeper & cant wait to sleep on my back again without worrying about it! I'm also really uncomfortable on my side too, but I've found the most comfortable way for me is to kind of hug a body pillow & put one leg underneath the pillow & the other on top. Its also more comfortable to have a pillow against my back too.
    I haven't bought any kind of special pillow, so far a regular body pillow has helped me.
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  • I have the C shaped pillow from Toys R Us and LOVE it!  I was having hip pain at night as well but this pillow seems to alleviate it for the most part. You can use it as a back rest or stomach support all while having the pillow between your knees as well.  I am also 23 weeks pregnant and it seems to be helping more and more...
  • I had the same problem. I went ahead and got the big pregnancy pillow. I sleep with it wrapped around my back and inbetween my knees. While it's behind my back I can lean on it so I'm not putting all the pressure on my hips/thighs. It seems to help me. I also snuggle with my old pillow on the front. I feel like I'm sleeping in a fort! lol
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  • I've been having the safe problem and got a snoogle from toys r us.  It goes around you and tucks between your legs/knees.  Oddly enough, it does help the hip pain.  I also got a belly wedge because I'd wake up with cramps along the side of my belly from it hanging there while I slept, and it is certainly helping.  (The snoogle is too tall to really rest your belly on)
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  • image letzgoracing81:

    My sister suggested a pillow between my knees....not sure how that will help since I suspect the pain stems from all my weight resting on one hip or another. 

    this is actually pretty helpful, i am suffering along with you! while it seems like the problem would be your weight on the hip (and that may be adding to the pain) most of it would normally come from the fact that when you sleep on your side with your legs together they are not parallel so your femurs actually jut out at an odd angle in your hip joint

    since you werent a side sleeper before pregnancy you prob wouldnt have noticed but it def sucks. the trick is doing your best to keep as good of an alignment you can. i hope this helps, im feeling your pain!

  • I was literally going to post the same thing today! I have been sleeping with a body pillow between my knees since I started showing, but nothing helps the hip that's on the bottom. I actually tried a pillow under my hip, but that left me feeling off balance and hurt my lower back. The only other thing we can think of is getting a memory foam mattress pad to make it softer on my hip, our bed is a little on the firm side.
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  • This has been terrible, but the pillow between the legs helps a ton! I've also found that stretching before bed and when I get up in the morning has improved life substantially. 

    Good luck.  

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  • I have been dealing with it too. I mentioned it to my OB and she wrote me a prescription for physical therapy. I had my first appt yesterday and it was wonderful. It wasn't PT like I've done in the past for injuries - I pretty much just laid there and they massaged me and stretched me gently. Like having a massage for the cost of a copay! :)
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  • This is me exactly. I slept on my back, and since I've been sleeping on my side, I wake up with hip pain that radiates down my legs. I tried the pillow between my legs and that didn't help. The only thing that has helped me some is wedging a huge pillow under half of me so I can kind of lay on my back but I'm still tilted to the side... that way all my weight isn't on my hip. I do the same thing when I flip over... wedge the pillow under my stomach and sort of sleep half on my stomach, half on my side propped up by the pillow. That has definitely helped.

    I told my OB about my hip pain yesterday at my appointment, and she said it sounds like sciatic nerve pain. She suggested that I see a chiropractor. Haven't decided if I'm actually going to do that or not... But if the pain gets worse, it's worth a shot!



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