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How Often Does Your LO Get Bathtime??

So we bathe our son every three days right now.  With daycare coming up, I am starting to think everynight now for both the germs and the bedtime routine.  Any thoughts on this, dads??


Re: How Often Does Your LO Get Bathtime??

  • At your son's age, we were doing 2 times a week.  Granted, he was being watched by family members and not in a daycare environment.  Every night may possibly dry out his sensitive baby skin.  I'd ask your pediatrician what the downside of that frequent bathing may bring about.
  • We've started solid foods, so his face and hands are pretty sticky and nightly baths are a necessity. His hair doesn't get washed every single night though.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • I am worried about the skin issue.  I am more worried about dirt and germs, however, when it comes to him starting daycare.  I have read on some other boards that giving a bath every night for a longer period of time, and only using soap a couple of those nights can be good.

    But the skin issue will trump all else in the end.


  • Well, if the daycare is cleaned properly and frequently, the need for a daily bath may not be as necessary... if it isn't, then you probably want to look somewhere else anyways.  Your son is going to be getting those germs for 8+ hours a day in daycare (or for however long he's there daily), washing them off after all that exposure probably won't yield much in terms of results.
  • When our LO was less then 6 months we bathed him every 2 to 3 days.

     He is now 17 months old and just loves water so there are times he gets a bath a night with some of them being nothing more then a play bath.

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  • My son has seasonal eczema, and we are getting into the season now.  Or rather, it goes from one small patch to multiple, bigger patches, starting this time of year.  We have to lotion him up after bath time, and at bed time.  One of the lovely things my son got from my wife, as she deals with it too.
  • Last night was bath night for Jacob.  about 1/2 hour after the bath he was knocked out and I was putting him to bed.  He slept 6.5 hours straight through.

    This nightly bath idea is certainly appealing when we look at it this way!

    I like the idea of getting him in the water every night, and only using soap on him twice a week. My wife is so worried aobut his skin though, that it may not be something that happens.  But the first thing she mentioned this morning was that he slept through the night. This might be the opening I needCool


  • Our 15 month old gets her bath just about every night.  She looks forward to it. It has always been a part of her routine.  She responds well to the routine and we only have problems when we break the routine.  She olny gets soap acouple of days a week so the dry skin is not a problem.  What I would worry about is the change in routine that your son is recieving because of day care; if the day care is structured so that each day is nearly the same as the day before.  This makes the night time routine evenmore important and if that includes taking a bath w/ or w/o soap then fine.
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