Toddlers: 24 Months+

Recommend your double stroller

Will be used for a 22 month old and a newborn

Prefer light weight, easy fold.

Unsure of pros/cons of side-by-side or forward facing

Any suggestions, things to consider and links appreciated 

Re: Recommend your double stroller

  • I have owned many strollers. 

    My first one was a Kolcraft contours. It was nice because for a little over $200 it came with every accosory (car seat adaptor, parent console...) and seat rotated  but it was a tank and every turn was a 3-point turn. It sounded creaky too, and I had to take off both seats to get it in my trunk. 

    DD started to resist the stroller but was too young for sit n stand (and she needed a place to nap) so I got a city select. It is a single that can convert to a double if I need it. It has stadium seating so the older kid isn't stuck siting on the floor like the Britax or Phil & teds. The seats rotate, it has a car seat adaptor, I got a glider board so if I need I can use it as a single and she can ride on the back for short trips. It really is 3 strollers in 1! My complaints are you need to take at least one seat off,  both kids can nap but both seats need to face you and this was a little difficult during our trip to Disneyland and with two toddlers my younger kid can reach forward and pull her hair or kick her seat. After getting all accosories (car seat adaptor, parent, a 2nd seat, glider board...) it was very expensive but the resale value oncraigs list is very high and in high demand. It was really worth it for a baby + toddler 

    I also have a side by side  and got the city mini GT. this is great with two toddler, both can nap at the same time (full recline) it does fit through a standard door but not an inch to spare, turns on a dime, off road tires, had parent console,I can use the same accosories between city select and this one,  and my kids prefer this one overall. My complaints: its heavy (GT model is bigger), takes up entire trunck, even fully upright my DD calls it "the cave" and the storage basket is usless! 

    i did a lot of research and baby gizmo on you tube (holly Schultz) REALLY helped. She reviews every stroller you can think of and out a kid of every age range in it. I don't think there is a perfect stroller but I have found it is an investment especially if you an to have more kids. I thought I could just baby wear but the moment DD would start to throw a tantrum as I was trying to put her into a shopping cart and she nearly kicked my newborn in the head was the last day I wore him and just started to use a stroller. 

    On the Mini pill, ebfing, and no AF ever.....16 months apart!

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  • We have to city select as well.  I don't have the hair pulling issue because DS1 likes to face us and DS2 sits in front facing forward.  DS1 still rides in it, but we are getting him to use the glider board more because at 4.5 he is getting a bit old for it.  
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  • This feels like a stupid question but at what age do they stop using the stroller?


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  • At 3 my DD will ride in the stroller if she is tired from walking but I don't need a stroller. Basically it comes out at the mall or amusement park at 3 years old but my nephew still wants to ride in a stroller all the time depends on how active and independent they are  
    On the Mini pill, ebfing, and no AF ever.....16 months apart!

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  • We also have the City Select and I love it.  I got it a little while before DD2 arrived and used it as a single for DD1.  Now they both will ride it in, but when DD1 doesn't anymore I will be able to use it for DD2 as a single again.

    We've really gotten a lot of use out of it with the different configurations.  Sometimes I only put DD2's seat (well, carseat with the adapter) on the stroller and DD1 uses the glider board on it.

    The storage basket is awesome too.

  • Phil and Ted's Double stroller. Love that it's so slim. My kids are 18mos apart, purchased when the baby arrived and we still use it occasionally and the little one is now 18mos.  Simply remove the back seat and it's a single.  Living out in the woods like we do I need something with all terrain tires.  It's the best!


  • I bought and returned 3 strollers before being happy with the City Select.  I like that every time I get it out I get to decide if I want a single or a double.  That is the very best part IMO.  The under-basket is large and easy to access.  My only gripe is that to get all the accessories it's pretty pricey but I know the resale value on the Baby Joggers are high. 

    I had a City Mini double that I bought and resold for the exact same money.  I just found the basket useless and half the time I was pushing an empty stroller as DD doesn't always need a stroller anymore (or even at 26 months when DS arrived) and DS at the time wasn't wanting to ride.

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