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XP: City Mini or Oyster?

XP from Nurseries & Baby Gear .... someone suggested I post here b/c the Oyster is not widely available in the US ... 

So I think I've narrowed down our stroller choices to the City Mini GT or the Oyster. Our main criteria are: easy/compact fold, not too heavy (have to haul it up and down stairs every day), and should handle well on all sorts of terrain -- we have a lot of uneven paving/cobbles in our neighborhood, and we are also in the park every day, sometimes following our dog across large lawns or gravel trails.

Anyone have experience with either of these? Especially with regard to how they handle on different kinds of terrain? I've read and viewed lots of reviews but would appreciate hearing firsthand experience from people on this board. TIA! 

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Re: XP: City Mini or Oyster?

  • I've used the City Mini (single and double) at work...They handle well on bumpy pavement but across grass I found them both difficult to push as the small wheels get caught up with debris and drag along.

    I don't have any experience with the Oyster but the larger rear wheels should help with handling on different surfaces. 

    We bought the City Select when DS was born, it has the larger rear wheels and it has been great - I use it every day (it is basically my car!). It is not as compact (when folded) as the Oyster or City Mini though. 



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  • I'd go for the Oyster because it can parent face, has shock absorbers, has a carry cot  option. All in all I think you get more with the Oyster than the City Mini.
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  • The Oyster gets my vote as well. While I don't have either I have seen both around and a friend has the City Mini. She complains about the wheels all the time. GL with your decision!
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