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I'm bored! So how many of you have already bought stuff for Christmas?

We bought Alexis her big gift, which is an activity cube that was on sale at Target 2 weeks ago. I ordered her stocking, an ornament and doll for her stocking last week :) I think we are going to do the rest of our Christmas shopping at the end of the month. How about you ladies?

Re: I'm bored! So how many of you have already bought stuff for Christmas?

  • Since I'm a sahm (one income, obvi), I try to space out our spending throughout the year by picking up things here and there. I have LO's shopping done. Dh and I agreed we aren't going to buy anything for each other this year since we will be having a baby then, hospital bills, new tires, birth announcements, etc.

    Already have SIL's gift, but need something for MIL/FIL, my parents, my brother, and a niece, then I'm done!

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  • Does it count that i have made hotel reservations and requested a day off work to go yo birch run/frankenmuth december 16&17 with my two best girls?
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  • image Sunidaze:
    Does it count that i have made hotel reservations and requested a day off work to go yo birch run/frankenmuth december 16&17 with my two best girls?

    That definitely counts lol 

  • We bought one of DS's bigger gifts in probably May!  LittlePeople stuff was BOGO so when we were shopping for his bday we took advantage and got something for Christmas too.  Oh wait, that was not the first thing we bought for him.  Late last December a local store had stuff more than 50% off so we picked up a toy then too.  We tend to also pick up little things throughout the year and just save them.
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  • I am almost finished with Avery. I only have clothes to buy now.  We had a $150 budget for everyone this year.

    I have a few things for DD#1 and one thing for DH.

    ~ Cassie ~

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  • I haven't bought her big gift yet because I'm afraid I'd be tempted to let her have it before Christmas! :) We're getting her a play kitchen and I have it saved on a wish list for her on Amazon, which is where I'm going to order it from. I think I'll get it just a few weeks prior. I do a lot of my shopping on Amazon and I get free two-day shipping so it makes it super easy to shop!

    I have put out requests to my brother and DH's brother to give me wish lists for my nieces and nephews because I'd like to get there stuff ASAP. I have to wrap and ship their presents well in advance. I try to be done with everything by mid-December. 


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  • We bought a playhouse for outdoors and a table set with 2 chairs from ikea, but we were so excited to finally have a yard, that we let her open it and use it on friday. We buy with the rule of Something She Wants, Something She Needs, Something to Wear and Something to Read, and we already bought a 12 book collection of Tinkerbell, a dress with a bow so now we just plan on substitute the something she wants (it was suppossed to be the house but we are buying a Slide) and Something She needs (again it was suppossed to be the table but we are getting a booster for eating not for car). We also have gotten a collection of our stockings (a set of 3) that im personalizing myself and for LO stocking we boyught some little people and crayons (we want to get her playdough and fingerpaint and some candy which she loves but we rarely give her any), for DH i bought a Shirt for something to wear and a Electric Tester for something he wants, he needs some shoes but im waiting for blackfriday to get some really good ones and im also missing somethin to read because he is not actually much of a reader so is difficult. (Any suggestions???). For me i dont know if i will get any because we just bought a house and im using all new furniture/decor, which my husband thinks is for "me" not for all, and a month ago for no reason he bought me a kindle fire as a surprise, so basically we R abot to be extremely broke. For our nieces and nephews his, mine, and from church and friends kids, we have about 30 of them so we usually buy in black friday as well their presents (we have a $10 dollar budget each so is difficult) and we do handmade presents to other adults in family and friends (i make eggnog bottles, Fruitcake, Cookies, and stuff like that) as a gift with a card, in december. We also reserved for the 30 the christmas photos :)
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