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I have a 7y.o, almost 2y.o and a 3wk old.

I need advice any advice on what you moms of multiple children are doing schedule wise. I'm not a very strict mom I let the kids sleep once there tired, bla bla bla no schedule or anything.

I am currently Tandem nursing which right now is one of the hardest things for me cause my 23 month old is demanding more and more feedings and also doesnt seem to understand me telling her baby feeds first and or atleast allw me to position myself to comfortably hold her w/o hurting baby. Especially once bed time hits she is literally crawling up me as I try putting baby down first and it just frustrates me. I dont like being angry or short w/ her cause she isnt even 2 yet, and I am the one that decided to continue nursing her knowing I was expecting. She doesnt have many rules cause normally it felt like she was an only child cause my oldest goes off to school then just me and her all day. She doesnt get time outs, she co-sleeps w/ me and OH still, still nurses and always nurses to sleep. I am just losing it right now and need advice on some structure and schedules.

Like wake up, nap, bedtime routines and how to get her to sleep on her own, slowly wean etc.  ANY advice welcome. I'm not asking for someone to make up my day, just what do you do and what workd for you other mothers of more than one kid at home. I do have an older child and she had structure but I was a single mom with her and she just always had discipline. My 23month old gets babied by, well everyone and especially her dad. I cant have her running things anymore. I need a schedule of some sort before I literally go crazy.

Re: STM + Preferably under school age

  • It's all about routine. Pick a routine and stick with it, kids love when they can anticipate what's next, it makes them feel secure and somewhat in "control". For example, if every night before bed you give her a bath, read some books and then nurse or do whatever you need to, to get her to go to bed then lights out and goodnight! Just keep doing the same thing all the time and those cues will let her know it's bed time. Also, at night pick a bedtime to start winding down and make sure lights are low and TV is off, etc. It signals that it's time to start getting quiet and go to bed. I have no advice for the weaning process as I didn't have to do that with a toddler but just remember routine is your friend! Good luck!
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  • I have an almost 2 year old DS and 5 week old DD. I haven't really worked out a schedule for DD yet...we're just going with the flow. With DS, we do the following:

    6 pm Dinner, Sippy with milk
    630 pm Bath, Brush teeth
    645 pm Lotion, Pajamas
    650 pm Storytime, Cuddle could add in nursing time here, that's where we had it prior to weaning
    700 pm Bedtime in crib

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  • I agree, choose a routine and stick with it. Know that it will take time and you may need to tweak it. As far as weaning start with the mid day feelings or those that you think will be easiest for DC to let go of, offer a snack and a drink at that time and come up with a plan to keep DC busy. Try to make it exciting and fun or even nurse your smaller DC and play at the table something that the other DC chooses. Make it a special time that you get to play together. If DC asks to nurse after you play, offer another drink and different activity. Buy your DC new cool cups or even let them pick a few out. Remind DC how much they are growing up. At the end of the week you can evaluate how it went and may be able to drop another session. I would try to keep the night or first morning feeding until you think DC is ready to be done for good. You may find that you enjoy that one on one time if you are only nursing DC once a day. Feel free to make rules and consequences about it as well. When it comes to your smaller DC's safety you have to be cautious, and it is okay. It will be exhausting but well worth your sanity.
  • Thank you ladies sooo much.

    All of you had great advice and I am definately going to try and tweak and implement them into our daily lives. I feel like a crazy mess. It's a transition for me also, and theres a lot I need to do to get myself on more of a structured schedule also.

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