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I have a 2 year old DD and another baby on the way in February.

Right now, my BIL takes care of my DD during the day because we were planning on my staying home starting in January so we wanted to save some money before then. I was offered a nice promotion and raise to come back to work after my maternity leave so DH and I thought it would be best for me to keep working. So now I have to find childcare for two kiddos, lol.

I found a really great in home daycare that I could start sending DD to now. However, she wouldn't be able to take an infant until next October as she is currently at her licensed capacity for babies under 1 year old.

If I decide to send DD to her, I guess I would have to find alternate childcare for my littlest one until October.

The other option is to try to find alternate care for two but I'd like DD to start getting used to a new DC and a new routine before the baby comes so I need to find a place that has room for her now and would have room for an infant in May after my maternity leave.

Any thoughts or advice? Not sure how to handle this situation.

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  • I would keep looking until you find a place/provder that can take DD soon and LO when you're ready for baby #2 to start.  I agree that it's a good idea to get DD used to the new DC now before baby gets here, and it will make your life much easier to have both kids at the same place.
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  • I agree, I'd keep looking.  If the one you like takes people on a waiting list I'd go ahead and get on that just in case something changes, though.  Since it's pretty far out there is a decent chance you could end up being able to get both kids in there after all.
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  • I'd find a place that can take them both when you need both.  If that means leaving DD with BIL, okay.  If that means, going to a new place now with just DD, then adding the new LO in May, okay.  I just wouldn't want to do 2 drop offs in the morning, unless I was doing one and DH was doing the other.
  • I would look at daycare centers that take both infant and your current LO. Many around our area requires a waitlist especially for infant care since it is in demand here and not all centers have infant rooms. I just got called for a center that I waitlisted for 11 months ago! Anyways there are many families that send multiple children to the same center and it just seems so much more convenient for the parents! Plus if you get DD in there now you may get sibling priority when it comes time to send LO 2! Or if another option is available you can look at nannies that can watch both for you but LO 1 won't have as much social interaction you may be wanting for her.
  • Is your BIL available until October? Or is he just filling in right now?  If you really like the in home, then I'd consider starting your DD and having BIL watch your LO until she is available in October.  If that isn't a possibility then I'd agree with PP's and look for a center, or another in home that can take both when you need
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