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Switching providers and global billing of insurance

This is the best place I can think of to ask this question, since lots of mamas switch to be with more NB-friendly providers even late in pregnancy.

I am with a very pro-NB OB, who I love, but her vacation time and the ineptitude of the office staff has made it impossible for me to see her and I'm getting frustrated having to spend hours on the phone to get an answer on an issue with my blood pressure. I am not getting the attention I need, so I think it's time to switch.

The problem comes with global billing of insurance. For my last pregnancy, instead of billing every appointment, after delivery they submit 1 claim for all of the care I received. Has anyone with the global billing scheme switched providers late in pregnancy, and if so, how did insurance work?

If it matters, I have blue cross, staying at the same hospital (although they bill separately, so I don't think this would be an issue at all) just switching OBs or maybe to a midwife.

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Re: Switching providers and global billing of insurance

  • Hello fellow RI momma.

    I'm actually going through this right now. I'm switching to a different practice and my insurance said that they would do a percent charge. I'm not sure if it's based on how many weeks I am or total number of appointments expected.

    I would just call BCBS and ask them specifically how your plan will be handled, so far they've been extremely helpful when I've called with questions about my prenatal/maternity coverage.  

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  • Hello back at you! :)

    I will call and ask about the split. A friend used to work at BCBSRI and she said that is how they do it, but that sometimes doctor's offices don't get reimbursed fast enough and try to get the money out of the patient instead of waiting for the adjustment.

    Hope you like your new practice!

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  • I switched from OB to Midwife a couple of weeks ago and am also navigating the global billing switch. I'm realllly hoping the reimbursement of what remained of what we'd paid goes through ok! Good luck!
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