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Braxton Hicks?

Has anyone else had braxton hicks for a LONG PERIOD of time? I had them since 9 pm last night and they haven't stopped. I thought for a little bit today that they could have been the start of labour pains so I tried getting some work done around the house to see if moving about a lot changed the quality of the contractions.

 All I got form the cleaning I did was a sore sore back and more random contractions.


anyone else had this or have any time on getting it to stop?

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Re: Braxton Hicks?

  • On Saturday, I had them for about 12 hours straight at random intervals. Then they disappeared---- and I'm still pregnant.
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  • As you can tell I'm not due until December but I have them constantly to the point I was afraid it was going to lead to labor. For the last few weeks I will have BH every 10 minutes with some pain no matter how much water I drink or the amount of rest I get. My doctors told me that it's not really a sign of labor but as close as you are I would beg to differ. If they got worse when you were cleaning or were a consistent spacing maybe labor is on the way. GL
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  • It's called prodromal labor, and yes there are quite a few of us who have been plagued with this special gift.  Basically it's labor-like contractions, but that don't mount into actual labor.

    Take a warm bath.  Have a glass of wine, if it suits you.  Try to get as relaxed as possible.  Walking, exercising, lots of movement only egg on the fake contractions and still won't make them mount into labor.

    Good luck.

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  • I used to get BH for 7 - 10 hour stretches and then nothing. Hopefully it's getting you ready though. 
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  • I had them for several hours, 3 minutes apart on Friday night.  They've been pretty consistent since that time and I'm ready to either go into labor or get some actual rest.
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