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My hair is falling out!!

Is say about 2 weeks ago I noticed a lot of hair falling out in the shower and in my brush. I stopped breast feeding about a month ago, so friends and family said it was bc my hormones were going nuts and that it is normal. But.... its still falling out at an alarming rate, and im getting bald spots. Anyone have this problem after baby? Should I see a doctor? Not worry? Help!!

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Re: My hair is falling out!!

  • It's totally normal and can last for months. Hormones! Happens after stopping breast feeding or 3 months post partum. I am a hair stylist and have always had women freak out about it. Well, 3 months ago it started happening to me, and I was like "WOW". Clumps and clumps, and all over the apartment!  It has just started slowing down now. Take vitamins esp b complex and iron. It will stop in a couple of months. As far as bald spots, is it all over thining, or real spots? If it is real spots see your Dr. But just so you know, it is common to have the temples get really thin.  

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  • Oh thank you sooo much. I feel a lot better. Yes it is mostly around my temples.
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  • It happened to me too, with both pregnancies. With my first pregnancy, I thought it was because I stopped breastfeeding, but I'm still breastfeeding the twins and I still had massive hair loss. So, I think it's just 3 to 4 months postpartum that causes this. My temples are really thin. But, your hair will start growing back again and in about 6 months everything should be back to normal.
  • Mine started really coming out last week too but I may be one of the few women in history who are welcoming this! I have super thick hair that was ridiculous while pregnant! I went in between cuts just to get it thinned out! I did panic a bit when I started seeing how much was falling out at a time, but my hair still seems incredibly full and can only wrap a hair tie around my pony twice so I figure it's nothing for me to worry about....quite yet!
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  • Mine started falling out in clumps in the shower and pretty much all day around 3 months PP.  It's slowed down some, but it's definitely more than normal.
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