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Help, anyone have a baby with colic?

Hi ladies,

I havent been on here since i had my son at the end of August.  I'll try to give a brief account but it will probably go on, and i'm hoping there is somebody out there going through the same thing as me. 

I ended up having a c section due to a breech baby and was quite upset as had been hoping to try for a natural birth.  Anyway i got over that.  We had a rough enough hospital stay.  It took 20 hours to get a lactation consultant to visit us and i couldnt get my DS latched on.  Trying to do this while not being able to move properly was exhausting.  The nurse suggested i had flat nipples, gave me a nipple shield and he latched on only to suck my nipple so hard that it sucked tissue out and bled.  Lactation consultant finally showed up, DS and myself were frantic and we had him latched on in seconds.  She said my nipples were just fine.  I then had issues with the bandage for c section ripping my skin off (no joke).  We got no sleep at all for three days and our son hardely slept at all. 

We finally got home and DS never seemed satisfied.  It took a week for my milk to come in (maybe meds and c section affected it).  Ds had lost alot of weight.  So once my milk came in, i was feeding on demand as instructed by the nurses at the hospital.  I was so exhausted as DS never slept.  He was crying alot and always wanting the boob.  I thought something was going wrong with my milk but once we had another doc visit he was gaining more than enough weight.  I hadnt slept in two weeks and was at the end of my rope when my mam arrived for 5 weeks to help us.  (live in States but am from Ireland). 

She had breastfed three times so i thought she could help me out.  To cut a long story short, she hadnt ever experienced the problems i was having and thought there was something wrong with DS.  I contacted a lactation consultant to be told it sounded like he had behavioural problems? wtf, then contacted La Leche League and she told me to cuddle non stop, watch chick flicks, eat almonds and get to know eachother.  I really tried to explain this child is crying while feeding, latching on/off, arching back, and worse never sleeping (maybe 5-6 hours broken up in a 24 hour period).  Anyway i got feck all support or decent advice.

So i lasted a month with the b/f through the sore cracked nipples, blocked ducts etc only to have a baby who was going mental at the breast and i gave up out of sheer exhaustion.  The doctor told me maybe he wasnt getting enough and give him formula.  So after the disappointment of a c section and b/f not working, i caved and did as the doctor said, thinking i'd have a somewhat contented baby finally.

Day three of the formula, things got even worse.  If he wasnt crying, he was constantly fussy and squirming.  The doc said to switch to a gentle ease formula, two weeks later, he was the same.  Next they put him on Nutramigen (hypoallergenic) formula and Zantac for reflux, we are here a month later with no major differences.  My mam went home a few weeks ago.  She said she had never seen a baby like him (she minds babies for a living).  So my husband is currently away at a conference and i'm alone as usual. 

I've been through every scenario, milk allergy/intolerance, lactose intolerance, silent reflux.  At the end of the day, i really think it's colic and have tried gripe water, colic calm, gas drops,the 5 S's, walking, rocking, swing, white noise, baths, massages, routines blah blah blah but to no avail.  The doc isnt too sympathetic and when i explained the lack of sleep he was getting, she said some babies need less sleep.  OK, thanks for nothing.  I may believe that if he wasnt constantly trying to sleep, closing his eyes, and then either waking up crying or squirming.  He has now decided to make 6pm his bedtime and goes till 10pm (at which point i can actually eat, shower and get laundry done), and then its hit or miss how the rest of the night goes.  I feel like a zombie and am feeling annoyed with him now even though i know its not his fault.  What seems to take wake him up through the night is passing abowel movement.  He may not be crying but will be wimpering/grunting and kicking his legs for hours before passing a motion yet he is never constipated.  It completely interferes with his sleep.  He always looks exhausted the poor litlle thing.

As a result of his lack of sleep, he is one cranky pants baby when he is awake but not squirming and does the moany cry.  He is now ten and a half weeks.  He has great fussiness centered around eating and i still never know what he'll take and when he'll take it.  It may be 2 oz or 5 oz and the time between feedings is all random aswell.  Putting him on a feeding schedule just doesnt work.  He eats his hands in a frantic way alot these days and just when i'm sure i think he must be desperately hungry, he'll take and ounce and then cry again. 

I'm at my wits end.  Thank god I'm going home for 7 weeks at the start of december and i'll have some help and support.  I feel like a bad mother but i am hating this whole experience and feel resentful towards my DS. I can never enjoy any happy moments with him.  Fedding time is stressful, he never wakes up happy when he does sleep and is always so irritable.  I think you can face anything with just a few hours of unbroken sleep, but without it this is just a misery.  Anyone else out there going through something similar/or had in the past and if so, did it end?  This magic 3/4 month stage for colic disappearance seems too good to be true.  I just cant imagine it.

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Re: Help, anyone have a baby with colic?

  • Im so sorry youre going through suh a rough time. I personally haven't gone through it as bad BUT eveything you mentioned remninded me of my mom and my baby brother. After a long chain of miserable months, they discovered he was allergic to a multitude of things. He had bad baby eczema and blisters on his mouth. Couldnt nurse etc. Only thing I can offer is sympathy and encourage you not to give up. GEt your LO tested for allergies asap if ur able. Till this day my mom wishes she was more insistent on figuring out what was wrong. GL!
  • Colic is terrible but this doesn't really sound like colic. Most colicky babies have a specific time of day they cry and scream not usually all day. Or at least that's how my dd was. I think I would see another pedi. Hope things get better soon.
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  • So sorry to hear you've had a rough time. I've also had a similar experience with my baby girl (first child). No C-section but severe tearing which required a lot of stitches and thus a few weeks of recovery which complicated things. She would only latch on to one side so I ended up having to express the other side which ate into the very little time I had to sleep. I managed to continue for almost 3 months (supplementing with formula since 8 weeks due to reduced milk supply from plugged milk ducts). I didn't eat dairy and tried several differebt formulas but nothing really helped until I found these Dr Brown's bottles:, Also car rides did wonders for putting her to sleep.

    I realize you've probably made it through this stage by now but my experience is that it does gradually get better after 3 months :).

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    Um, the OP was back in November! If she's dealing with colic, I'll ship her a case of wine!

     That's why I said "I realize you've probably made it through this stage by now". I've added my experience for other users reading this thread with similar issues. 

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    image Bluenoser4ever:

    Um, the OP was back in November! If she's dealing with colic, I'll ship her a case of wine!

     That's why I said "I realize you've probably made it through this stage by now". I've added my experience for other users reading this thread with similar issues. 

    Yeah, but you're a spammer who is just here to promote a website. GTFO. For reals. 

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  • Haha, I was so confused here for a minute! Thanks for clearing things up for me bluenoser :)
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