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Birthday menu suggestions needed

So my daughter's 1st birthday is this Saturday and we will be having 25-30 people attend.  I was going to do pulled pork sandwichs.  But my grandfather passed away so I will be out of town until 9:30 that morning and then her party is at 3:30.  I really do not want to cater the food, for cost reasons.  Any suggestions on food/recipes that are quick and easy to put together?

Re: Birthday menu suggestions needed

  • Sorry to hear about your grandfather :(

    Throw meatballs and some sauce in one crockpot, and roast beef in another, and just let them cook till warm.  Get some rolls and provolone cheese, and then people can make sandwiches.  That's pretty easy and no fuss. 

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  • I am sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    For DD's first birthday I did chili and all the fixings. It was super easy and everyone said how good it was for a fall birthday party. We had a white chicken chili with tortilla chips, monterey jack cheese shredded, sour cream and guacamole and a traditional red bean and meat chili with cornbread and shredded cheddar cheese.

    You wouldn't have to do all of that especially given your time constraints but I do think chili with a few extras would be great! Depending on when you are leaving town you can make chili days in advance and just warm it up in a slow cooker the day of the party. You could even make it tomorrow and freeze it until Saturday. GL!

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    When do you leave to go out of town?  You could make the pulled pork ahead of time and heat it up in the crockpot.  Chicken salad doesn't take too long to put together, especially if the chicken is already cooked.  I like to toss in green apples and craisins.   It's always a hit.

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  • Slow cooker pulled pork! Just dump some Dr Pepper in there and let it go all day!

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  • I am going back and forth between the taco bar and pulled pork.  Thanks for the ideas!
  • Crock pot pulled pork? You can throw it in and let it cook well over night or have someone else throw it in in the am, it's simple enough... just a pork roast (or whatever you prefer) and sauce.

    We're doing a baked potato bar and also doing chili (cooking all day in the slow cooker), I'm washing them all the night before and then a few hours before her party I'll stab them and pop them in the oven. I found a cool way to keep them warm for up to 8 hours is to fill a cooler with hot, close to boiling water, then pour it out and wipe it down quick right before you take the potatoes out of the oven and they keep nice and warm! Cheap and super easy, it will feed a lot for a little and be good hearty filling food.

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