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when did baby roll/ sit up

hello, it has been a while since i have been on the site. i am wondering when the lil ones sat up and rolled over. my lil one is 6 and a half months can roll onto her side but thats about it and sitting up she does w help.  any ideas on how to help the lil one along w progress besides the toys to encourage, what helped your lil one.
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Re: when did baby roll/ sit up

  • He started rolling over around around four months and started sitting around five months.

    But babies develop at in different areas at different times. If you are concerned I would talk to your childs pedi. If they are not concerned then I would try not to worry about it and just work with your baby at her own pace.

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  • Rolling at about 4.5 months.  Sitting up on his own for long periods of time - 6 months, 1 week.

    You can help them, but I'm just about convinced that they do it when they're ready.  All you can do is give them opportunities to practice sitting. 

  • My LO rolled from tummy to back at 6 weeks, sat up unassisted at 5.5 months, but only just now really got the hang of rolling back to tummy. Every baby is different. Some, like my son, hit milestones out of order, and some skip them all together. I was a baby that went straight from sitting to walking...never crawled. I wouldn't be too concerned about helping, just let them work it out at their own pace. However, if you do feel for some reason that there is a specific issue holding them back, talk to your pediatrician.

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  • Tummy time helps if your LO enjoys it. My LO rolled around 4 months, and crawled at 6m4d. She didn't start getting into a sitting position by herself until after she was crawling.
  • DD just turned six months old and just mastered rolling from her tummy to back a couple of weeks ago (at about 5 and a half months old), but still can't roll from back to tummy.  She gets on her side but hasn't figured out how to get her arm out of the way to make it all the way over.  She is also nowhere near being able to sit without support.  We've been trying to get her to tripod sit, but she pitches over almost immediately.  I'm not too worried.  All babies go at their own pace and will do it when they are ready.  I'm not sure there's anything you need to do other than give her the opportunity to practice.

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  • DD rolled both ways at 4 mths but started trying sooner. She has been sitting up for long periods of time since 5 mths. She took on crawling at 6 mths exactly and is now all over the place. The best advice I can give you is LOTS OF TUMMY TIME! Also, help your little one. If they get stuck on their side, guild them through the rest of the motions. And just do it over and over. 

    All babies do things at different rates. DS2 never crawled. He went from sitting up, to pulling up to cruising the furniture to walking. He was a solid walker at 10 1/2 months.  I babysit a little boy who is almost 10 months old. He hates tummy time and won't even attempt to crawl. But he has been sitting strong for a long time. He also can stand at a coffee table, etc for very long periods of time by himself. At his 9 mth appt his mama was told to place him on his tummy lots, like it or not. 

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  • He was rolling both ways pretty well by 5m and sitting independently by 7m.
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  • our LO rolled over for the first time about 3 months of age, but it took her another month to really get the hang of it. and she just started sitting up this past week, and within a matter of days she can now sit unassisted for long periods of time. she is now showing some signs of having an interest in crawling, but i really doubt that will happen any time soon.

    each child develops at their own pace, i would just try doing lots of belly time like PPs have stated, and use your LO's favorite toys as encouragement.


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  • Tummy time helps. :) My LO was rolling both ways at 3 months, but still isn't quite sitting at 6 months. He loves scooting around on the floor doing an army crawl but just has no interest in sitting. Every baby is different! I work with kids and I've seen babies develop totally normal who never even rolled over till 8 months old. 
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  • DS started rolling back to tummy at 5 months and tummy to back at 5.5 months.   Sitting truly at 5.5 months.  
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  • "Late bloomer" (for this thread, on the late end of normal according to milestone charts) here - DD rolled belly to back at 5 months and back to belly at 6 months, 1 week.  She could sit unassisted for long periods of time by 7 months.  At 8.5 months she is still neither crawling nor sitting herself up from lying down.  We gave her plenty of tummy time, but she's not a gross motor skills kid.
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  • LO rolled tummy to back at 4 1/2 months.  Only rolled back to tummy  once and hasn't since.  I'm not worried though, pedi doesn't seem concerned.  He is 6m1w and hasn't sat up on his own for long periods yet.  He can go a minute or so, but then tumbles over :).   I try not to care what others are doing.   They all move at their own pace!
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