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NBR - Brunch menu - wwyd?

Hi Ladies,

So. As many of you know, we're down in New Zealand.  We have no family down here and are slowly making friends.

We've managed to get one of DH's work colleagues to look after DD when I go in to labour.  We met up a couple of weekends ago, and DH & I agree that she should come over to our place to look after DD (long story there), vs. DD going to the colleague's house.

So to get them/her oriented to our place, we're inviting them over this weekend.  DH asked her yesterday and said "you can come over for brunch".  No probs on my end - however DH's thought about brunch is a "bunch of finger-food things"..... Now I love DH more than life itself, and chuckled outwardly and inwardly when he said this, but also inwardly went - "Oh crap".

This is where the difficulty comes in.  In New Zealand, there are no Kraft or Pillsbury products (seriously - this is killing me) and we just don't have access to all the awesome products and produce at a cheap $ like Canada/the US does.  (For example - 1/2lb of bacon is $8NZ here....I kid you not).

So I'm at a complete loss as to what to serve - can you help me?

This is what I currently have planned that won't break the bank:

-peach scones with jam (easy & cheap)

-fresh oj



I'm starting to think about this now so I can plan $ and have time to make what needs to be done with a toddler and me being 37 weeks.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Re: NBR - Brunch menu - wwyd?

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