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Who's due tomorrow?

Anyone else due tomorrow (11/13)?? I'm so excited the EDD is finally here, although it seems meaningless because I'm quite certain I won't be going into labor anytime soon! I still want to do something special to appease myself in case baby requests a late check-out, though. Any ideas?
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Re: Who's due tomorrow?

  • I'm in the same boat!!!  Tomorrow is the big day - but no signs that it's going to be any different than today.  (NOT for a lack of trying....walking, spicy food, all those crazy wives tales which have done nothing - Smile .  I have my 40 week appt. a day early today and my doc will give me an induction date within the next week - least I will know for sure he will be here by one week from today!! 

     I don't have any great ideas on something special!  But I wanted to wish you luck and hope your LO comes out to play soon!!! 

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  • I'm due on Wednesday and am in the same boat. I can't wait!!! 

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  • I am, but he can't come!  All I've heard from my yaiyai this entire pregnancy is how unlucky Tuesday the 13th is, and how he will be short tempered and unlucky his whole life if he's born then.  She's a crazy old bat, but I'm too afraid she might be right!
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    Howdy, partner!


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  • I was due yesterday, so now I am technically overdue.  This waiting is killing me.  :)
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