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need bra help

I'm at the point in pregnancy where the underwire in my bra is starting to cut into my belly.  Last time I was further along and just survived in sports bras, but they just aren't quite working for me this time around. The ones I have either are not supportive enough or cut into my boobs. So either way I need to go get new bras and I am sort of entertaining going looking on black friday for something. 
The problem is I have a lot to support. Before pregnancy I was a full DD, depending on the bra maybe DDD, and I'm sure I've grown since. I don't want to spend an extraordinary amount though because in another 2 months I'll be in nursing tanks for 6 months or more lol and then will be willing to buy good bras. 

I just need some suggestions for places to look for good, supportive bras without the underwire. I've been wearing underwire bras for as long as I can remember so I have no idea where to even start looking.....


Re: need bra help

  • I'm in the same boat.  Very curious to hear what people have to say.
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  • Would those bra band extenders help you keep using the bras you have?  Target has some for $6 or $7 I think.
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  • I recently got the Bravado Bliss nursing bra and it's incredibly comfortable! You can check it out on amazon.

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  • I love my Anita bras. They have both with and without wires. I used them last pregnancy and a year of nursing. I have been in a larger size now most of this pregnancy and still going!
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  • Me too! Almost exactly! This is going to sound crazy, but in my recent desperation (because I was in the exact same boat), I bought an $11 Hanes bra from Target and fell in love!!!!! It's not exactly pretty and it's sized S, M, L, but it has no underwire and is seriously the most comfortable thing ever. It's supportive (I have a pretty small frame, but still got the large to hold in the girls, and it's been perfect) and just feels so good on! The only complaint I have is that it's not incredibly "shaping", but I don't care so much about that at this point since I'm not out wearing super-tight sexy shirts these days! Even if you decide it's not perfect, it's only $11!
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  • Bravadi Body Silk or Bravado Bliss nursing bras. I am wearing the Body Silk right now (even though I am not nursing) because it's so comfortable!! I can't believe I ever lived without it.


    You can find them here: http://www.barenecessities.com/search.aspx?search=bravado&action=true&ft=1

    Check for coupons because I got 15% off and free shipping.


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  • Motherhood Maternity had some bras! Cannot remember brands, but I do know that they normally have up to size F and a rather nice selection (at least in my area). I am in a similar predicament as you but Im normally an G or F and find good bras at Lane Bryant, but not nursing. I ended up with a bra from Motherhood made of cotton for the stretchiness and it's not really all that bad! I have not really had a hard time with underwire hurting me, but I have found that putting a bandaid on the bra to 'hold' or create a barrier between me and the wire has helped, until I could go shopping! Hope you find something!!!
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  • Nordstrom.  Buying bras anywhere else has proven to be a major waste of time for me.  Check the Nordstrom website, all the way at the bottom you can click on "Nordstrom Rack" - the bras are like half price.  Free shipping BOTH ways!
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