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Intro-BFP yesterday!

Hi ladies,

 I'd like to properly introduce myself after posting yesterday with my "is this a line" question. First I'd like to thank you all for your warm welcome and all of the congrats. I'm still in shock that it actually happened.

About me: I'm Christine, I'm 28, H is 33 and we've been TTC for just about 2 cycles now. We got married this past May (exactly 6 months ago today!) and I got off of my BC in September. When I showed H the BFP, it was really hard to read his reaction..I'm pretty sure he was shocked (not in a bad way) but literally 10 minutes later, he asked me "so what does that test mean?" lol I said it means I'm pregnant!

I feel like I'm more nervous now that I got the + test since I know that there are lots of things that can go wrong, but I'm trying to be calm and take care of myself.

Q's for you all:

-How soon should I try and schedule a doc's appointment? (I'm probably only 3 weeks along as of now)

-I want to tell my Mom really bad, but I'm going to wait until after I see a doctor...when did you all tell people? or have you not told anyone besides your SO?

-How many tests did you take before you actually believed this was real?

And here's some pics of the test I took this morning...I think there's a slightly darker second line and it took less than the 3 minutes to show up:




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Re: Intro-BFP yesterday!

  • Congrats and Welcome :)

    My doctor told me to wait about 2 weeks to make an appointment. So I called up a couple days after we found out we were expecting and made the appointment for 2 weeks later. There isn't a whole lot they can do that early, so as long as you have no complications - they will wait a while to see you. I know some of my friends doctors didn't want to see them until 9 weeks or so. I guess it all depends on your provider.

    I called my mom this time right away because I was in shock. I had been dealing with "vertigo" for a couple months so we had put ttc on hold until I felt better. So this actually was a surprise! I was in such shock. Of course my mom said, "I KNEW IT!" We kept it only known within our family. I'm just about 11 weeks now and still haven't told the "world" especially on facebook.

     I must have taken about 6 tests before I believed it. Mainly because we weren't trying and only had sex once that month (thanks to my lovely vertigo and not wanting to do ANYTHING to stir it up!) So I was shocked. Finally 6 tests later, and about $60 later, I believed it to be true. 

    We are so happy! As I sure you are too! Again, welcome! 

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  • Congrats and welcome again.


  • Congrats! I'd call right away to make an appt. We told our parents and siblings the same day. It sure is exciting!
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