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Switch from formula to WCM

My girls go the to Pedi for their one year visit next month, and I'm guessing that the Pedi will switch us to WCM at that point?  Is that safe to assume?  I usually stock up on my formula once a month, but I am thinking maybe I shouldn't get as much if we are going to be switched to WCM.  Is it safe to assume that will happen at their next appointment?  When did you switch?
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Re: Switch from formula to WCM

  • That's likely what the pedi will tell you.

    We're actually making the switch probably within the week - I'm about to run out of my last open can of formula and DD doesn't really take enough anymore to make me want to risk opening a new can (I don't think she'd come close to finishing it).

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  • Our pedi mentioned introducing WCM at our 9 mo appointment but said he could stay on formula through (up to) 15 mo. He'll be 12 mo this week and still takes about 3 bottles a day. He hates milk but I introduced almond milk with protein and he will actually drink some of that. We'll see what the pedi says at his 1 yr appt but I think he will probably stay on formula for another month or so.
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  • I just started switching last week sometime.  I did this with my oldest too.  I add 1 ounce of cows milk to 7 ounces of formula for a week, then add another ounce, etc, etc... until about 8 weeks after I started we are soley on cows milk.  I'm actually hoping to be done with formula before Christmas so that I don't have to bring it with us to my in-laws.  I know she'll only be 11 1/2 months but those 2 extra weeks aren't going to make a huge difference with the amount of milk she is drinking anyway.

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  • It is pretty safe to say that your pedi will recommend starting to make the switch at your next appointment.

    I cut out our morning bottle and our afternoon bottle of formula. He is still getting one formula bottle before nap (after lunch) and one right before bed. I just make sure to offer him plenty of WCM during the day in his sippy. He's taking it better than I thought. I just opened my last can so once that is gone we will be done. Also, DS won't take formula out of sippy and I don't plan on putting WCM into his bottles. Hopefully we will be done with the transition to full time WCM within the next few weeks! 

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