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XP: Nursery thoughts?

We had planned to start our nursery with a jungle animals theme in the house that we're currently renting, but just found out that my MIL has left her house to use and my BIL. My BIL will still be living with us, so the bedroom that will end up being Ella's is the room that MH's aunt has been living in. She did a pretty nice job doing the paint/wallpaper and I'd REALLY like to make it work for the nursery, but I'm having trouble finding fabrics for my aunt to make our bedding (she wants to make it all by hand as our shower gift). Do you all think that these fabrics/prints would go well with the wallpaper/paint on the bedroom's walls? Are they too boy-ish? Or does anyone know of any other good websites to get fabric from? I'm not sure if it will work that the 2 fabrics that I have picked out so far are both fleece. TIA! 



 image image





I'm also loving these fabrics:





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