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Hi everyone!  My husband and I are expecting our first child on June 23rd.  I've had a rough start to the pregnancy, with lots of cramping and bleeding.  I'm 8 weeks today though and starting to be cautiously optimistic. 

 We live in Thailand and teach at an international school.  The medical care here isn't exactly what it would be back home.  The language barrier means many of my questions don't get answered at my doctor appointments.  So, this forum has been wonderful for giving me the answers to my millions of questions!

Hopefully, I'll be on this forum for a while! 


Me 36 with endometriosis, PCOS, fibroid and ovulation issues, DH 40
TTC #1 since 04/12, BFP 10/12. Missed MC/D&C at 10 weeks 11/12
TTC #2 since 12/12
6 clomid cycles since 7/13, all BFN
IUI #1 (2 b2b) with clomid and trigger shot on 1/20/2014 BFN
IUI #2 with arimidex and trigger, B2B IUI's 2/24 and 2/25, BFN
IUI #3 with menopur injections and trigger, IUI 3/23, BFN
7 month break

Fibroid surgery 10/14

IVF cycle 1 beginning Nov. 1st!

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