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Formula...trying to choose

What brand formula using and what type (powder, ready to feed) and how is your baby liking/tolerating it?

Re: Formula...trying to choose

  • Enfamil Gentlease.  She's good with it. 
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  • Similac Powder- Soy.

    We made the mistake of switching formulas every 2 weeks attributing DD's fussiness to the formula. So we are on soy and sticking it to it for awhile. I recommend either Similac for Fussiness and Gas (Orange Tub) or the Soy (Pink Tub)


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  • We use Similac Advance and our son does great with it. You definitely want to pick one & stick with unless your baby as problems with it.  Switching a lot is not good for them.  I see way more Enfamil coupons than Similac ones, so if price is important, you might want to try Enfamil first.
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  • We just supplement a bit with formula (maybe one feeding a day), we started with Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas powder and then realized she had a milk intolerance, so now we do Similac Soy for fussiness and gas powder and it is working great.  I picked Similac because it was the free sample we got so we just started with that, but it has worked well for us so far.
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  • Do yourself a favor and use a store brand.  They are also FDA regulated and are nutritionally comparable to any major brand but a heck of a lot cheaper.  The huge cans of Target are $20.  My son did amazingly well with it.
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