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My little guy is here! Long

Yesterday afternoon my water broke at 3:40 pm AT WORK! Haha. I immediately rushed home, got a shower and finished packing my bag. Ni cintractions at this point. Called the hospital and they told us to wait it out until my contractions start. 7 hours go by and nothing!

By 11:00 pm we called the hospital and they told us to come in...they were just going to start me on pitocin. When i arrived, i was only 1 cm dilated! I sat for about a good 3 hours before i felt the effects of pitocin. By 4 i was in horrible pain and my contractions were only 2have minutes apart. Nurse checked me again, still only 1 cm! I started to cry...it hurt so bad and i just wanted my epidural. But of course it could be given until i was about 4. So, the nurse gave me a bit of pain meds in my hip to help with the back pain. This barely did anything for me.

My nurse told me to rest tight and that this labor was going to be awhile....My contractions started to become so bad that i almost through myself out if the bed several times. I felt like i had no control. My nurse said she would check me in 2the hours.

Fast forward 2 hours and a different nurse walks in. And i am dilated to a 10! At this point, there was no time for an epidural and i was terrified. After about 25 minutes of pushing , out came my little man. It was instant love and i could no stop crying.

Im not going to lie ladies. It was painful going without the epi but soooo worth it. I was at least able to walk around after. I did have a 2nd degree tear...ouch.

Nolan Thomas was born November 9th at 7:43am 7lbs pounds 7ounces 20 inches long. He is happy and healthy. Pictures coming soon..when i have a computer available.

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